What makes the perfect office? Ask 20 different people, and chances are you will get 20 different answers that vary from tiki bars to ping pong tables to reading rooms, but surely there is some common ground within those answers somewhere? When putting together a perfect working space, there are some elements that everyone agrees is an absolute must for a thriving office environment. Get these basics right, and then add whatever touches you see fit, and you will be good to go.

Working Utilities

It seems like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many businesses set themselves up and then forget to contact a water provider. So before you move to your office, make sure that you have facilities that work to the highest degree. This does not have to be an expensive process; by using sites like Utility Bidder, you can compare the prices of hundreds of different suppliers and choose whichever looks right for you.

Large Desk Space

Do not limit yourself to the most standard of desk space; you will be surprised how much having a large desk can open up your working environment and make the whole office feel less restrictive. It also makes organizing your desk much easier as you have plenty of room for all your different pieces of stationery.

A Comfortable Chair

Of course, it would be easy to pick the best-looking office chair you can find, and while having a space that looks aesthetically pleasing is important, that does not come close to the importance of comfort. Functional considerations are vital given you will be sitting in that very chair all day long, so you should make sure it is nice to sit on and supports your back to prevent it from aching.

Storage Space

The minute an office begins to look cluttered is the minute your attitude towards working the changes. Paper is strewn everywhere, and the impossibility of ever finding anything makes the working experience overwhelming, and so that feeling of drowning in your tasks should be kept as far away as possible. The best way to do this is with plenty of storage space. Ensure that you avoid desk clutter with easy-to-use storage, be it filing cabinets, bookshelves, or drawers.

A Desk Blotter

It may seem like a small element, but you would be surprised just how much a clean and top-notch desk can help keep the office environment friendly. A desk blotter will be great (especially with metal surfaces) to protect the surface and keep it looking as good as it possibly can.

Extra Seating

Extra seats are the kind of decoration that you don’t need until you do need them, and when that time eventually comes, you’ll remember this paragraph and rue the day you didn’t invest in a couple more chairs. Whether you have client meetings, the occasional visitor, or a random drop-in, making them feel comfortable with a couple of extra chairs will go further than you could imagine.

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