ANNAPOLIS, Md. (August 3, 2021) –Comptroller Peter Franchot announced today that the Comptroller’s Office will resume collection activities beginning August 16, 2021.

Collection and licensing activities have been on hold as a result of Executive Orders issued by Governor Larry Hogan in response to COVID-19, but those activities were to resume no later than June 30, 2021.

At the Comptroller’s request, in recognition of the financial struggles of Maryland individuals and businesses resulting from the pandemic, as well as the role that his agency played in administrating and assisting in pandemic relief programs, Governor Hogan granted an additional extension through August 15, 2021.

“My office will continue to work with individual and business taxpayers who continue to feel the lingering effects of the pandemic,” Comptroller Franchot said. “I’m encouraged that Maryland’s high vaccination rates could help us emerge from the pandemic, but for many, COVID-19 took a heavy toll on their bottom lines that will take a long time from which to recover.”

Enforcement activities that will resume on August 16 include, but are not limited to, offsets of state and federal income tax refunds, license holds, audit and collection activities, including the issuing of liens, offsets of state vendor payments, and resumption of pre-pandemic payment agreements.

Some taxpayers may receive notices from the Comptroller’s Office prior to August 16, but these notices will be limited to those circumstances where legal action is required earlier than August 16to protect the interests of the State of Maryland.

Taxpayers with liabilities may contact the Comptroller’s Office at any time to discuss their situations or to enter into payment arrangements:

Business Tax Liabilities

Telephone contact – 410-649-0633
E-mail contact –

Please include business name, contact name, daytime telephone number, central registration number (CR), or federal identification number (FEIN).

Personal Income Tax Liabilities

Telephone contact – 410-974-2432
E-mail contact –

Please include name, address, daytime phone number, and the last four digits of the taxpayer’s social security number.

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