Overtaking Facebook & Instagram, TikTok is now one of the fastest-growing social platforms in the world, and the application achieved over 2 billion downloads in April 2020. Aside from the massive increases in TikTok’s users, a vast number of brands have also rushed to sign up for the platform.

In 2019, it ranked fourth among free iPhone apps that saw the fastest growth. With 800 million users worldwide, it now has the largest user base. TikTok is a new phenomenon, but it is unknown among older, more traditional individuals. There have been many who have written it off as a kid’s plaything. However, considering current user numbers, that is a risky attitude to take – especially if you are targeting a young market. TikTok is becoming increasingly important to the current generation’s daily lives thanks to brands that acknowledge its importance. Working with TikTok’s best influencers has allowed them to achieve an increased engagement on TikTok. Hence, to help you look for the best marketing campaigns, enlisted in this article are 7 brands that have successfully undertaken influencer marketing campaigns on TikTok.


Across the board, even the world’s largest brick-and-mortar retailers are trying to engage in TikTok influencer marketing. #DealDropDance was the hashtag used by Walmart to create a Black Friday-themed video campaign with TikTok influencers. Six influencers collaborated with Walmart to encourage followers to create videos of themselves dancing while expressing how Black Friday savings at the store make them feel.

Videos such as these were highly effective and invited an increased engagement on their TikTok. The posts from just six influencers alone reached over 17 million people. Thousands of Walmart shoppers won $100 gift cards by dancing in Walmart aisles in this campaign. Both influencers and ordinary shoppers participated in the contest. In addition to its TikTok influencer campaign, Walmart has undertaken other campaigns with TikTok. Walmart previously ran a hashtag ‘Savings Shuffle’ campaign which featured users dancing on the app and tagging Walmart.

Benny Blanco – Universal

In a new collaboration with Juice WRLD, American singer-songwriter Benny Blanco released ‘Graduation’ under Universal Records. Their goal was to engage fans with the song beyond just driving streams or likes on a post. As a result, they partnered with TikTok to create a new challenge idea and identify the best TikTok influencers. A creative idea was developed around the reminiscing of their school years. As part of the phases shown, they used classic TikTok transitions to illustrate each stage of school. Graduation was the final phase shown. TikTok was used for the challenge audio and hashtag, ‘school years’ to tie all the videos together.

The hashtag, ‘school years’, generated 6 million views, 1 million hearts, and over 81,000 pieces of user-generated content. Furthermore, the influencer videos had over 15,000 hours of watch time and an overall engagement rate of over 20%. What was more astonishing was that the challenge continued to grow even after the campaign ended. It also became increasingly cemented in the TikTok community. Consequently, user-generated content increased by 274% from 81,000 to 303,000. The song experienced sustained growth for four months as a result.

EA Games 

Despite being active on Twitch and YouTube, gaming companies also run campaigns on TikTok, since its young, tech-savvy audience makes the platform suitable for influencer marketing. EA recognizes TikTok’s significant gaming subculture. The hashtag, ‘Fortnite,’ for instance, has had 29.5 billion views.

Therefore, EA Sports uses TikTok influencers to promote its games. Fortnite and Apex Legends have similar gameplay styles. Despite being less popular than its better-known competitor, Apex Legends has garnered 546.6 million views. Brent Rivera was recruited by EA Sports to make a comedy video of himself playing the game. He received over 900,000 likes for this. Gil Croes, another TikTok influencer, shared a video of himself playing Plants vs. Zombies. FIFA 20 was promoted by freestyle soccer player Indie Cowie. She made a video freestyling in public and giving a shout-out to the game in it.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren negotiated with Diana Silver to increase engagement on their TikTok videos. It is no coincidence that the fashion brand chose to tie this campaign in with the US Open Tennis Championship. 8 million views have been obtained by, ‘US Open,’ a hashtag associated with the event.

Ralph Lauren was able to reach two audiences, those who follow Diana Silver and those searching with the hashtag ‘US Open’. The custom hashtag, ‘Winning RL,’ was used by Ralph Lauren to connect the two audiences. The hashtag was tied to a challenge. 100,000 people have liked each of Diana Silver’s first three videos. Nonetheless, the custom hashtag received 600 million views.


Tropico makes tropical juice drinks. To promote the drink, the company worked to create an influencer marketing campaign on Instagram and TikTok. With 68 publications and 21 collaborations with influencers, they produced 449,000 engagements as part of their campaign, which they called “True Colors.”.

TROPICO sought to improve its visibility on social media through both TikTok and Instagram. Their goal was to reach out to a younger generation, which can also be done through buying TikTok followers. In terms of the TikTok part of the campaign, influencers created and shared nine TikTok videos with 1.8 million followers. 267,000 views and 61,000 likes were obtained. Their goal was to choose influencers with a variety of backgrounds, personalities, and styles.


Recently, Blinger teamed up with TikTok influencer, Jasmine Gonzalez, for a campaign for Wicked Cool Toys’ Blinger kit and to increase engagement on TikTok.

The video shows Gonzalez taking her brother’s shoes, decorating them with her Wicked Cool Toys Blinger kit, and returning them to an excitedly happy brother. The video shows a before-and-after of her brother’s shoes, in which he was overjoyed to get them back. This TikTok video is humorous instead of hard-selling, as is common among influencer campaigns. Furthermore, people were shown how to use the kit to decorate shoes.

Mobile Premier League

The Mobile Premier League or MPL is a popular gaming application in India. Virat Kohli served as the brand ambassador for their company. There are a variety of cash games at MPL, including fantasy cricket, Rummy for cash, poker, fruit chop, fantasy football, fantasy basketball, and more.

In support of their fantasy cricket app, they have started working with several Indian TikTok influencers. The Corona pandemic has led them to envision influencer marketing as the future of marketing.


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