In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, many Americans have become acutely aware of the commitment and sacrifice of its first responders. In many Maryland communities, first responders have been lavished with various celebrations and other benefits such as free meals. The Marylander generosity is even being extended to giving home loans for healthcare workers. The generous spirit will lessen the stress that many healthcare workers and first responders endure; in turn, this will also help to create healthier communities across Maryland.

What are the benefits?

There are many programs oriented towards first responders to help with home acquisition. The Housing and Urban Developments Good Neighbor Next Door program offers a generous home subsidy for law enforcement, firefighters, emergency medical personnel as well as teachers. HUD offers a 50% reduction from the list price for homes in revitalizing areas as long as occupants commit to living on the premises for at least 36 months. This subsidy can be combined with a Federal Housing Authority loan that allows homebuyers to make a down payment as low as 3.5% of the list price. First-time homebuyers can also acquire a loan through the Maryland Mortgage program that provides 5,000 dollars for the down payment and closing costs. Medical personnel, such as nurses, doctors, and medical assistants, are also eligible for the Teacher Next Door program that offers low down payment as well as grants of up to $6,000 dollars. Other programs such as the DPA, Community Partners Program, and the Community Heroes mortgage program offer similar low down payment and mortgage assistance programs.

How do this benefit first responders and healthcare workers?

Home loans for healthcare workers make it easier for healthcare workers to settle down, increasing the likelihood that they will continue to work in-state and provide the services that are highly valued. Ultimately, by improving the quality of life of first responders by facilitating home purchasing, Maryland home loan initiatives can provide long-term improvements to health care at the community and state level.

Marylandleading the way in helping healthcare workers

Healthcare workers and first responders have a considerable responsibility that can be quite taxing and, in many instances, lead workers to leave their professions or move out of state. Maryland’s effort to provide home loans for healthcare workers is helping to ensure that health care workers and first responders alike have the resources they need to enjoy healthy home life.

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