The previous year was a real challenge for the whole of humanity. A lot of people suffered from isolation, while others had to combat the pandemic at the forefront. And dating was not only unessential but even also hardly probable because of numerous restrictions.

As of September 2021, the majority of Americans have already been vaccinated, and a lot of venues are already available to them. But the impact of 2020 is still felt. The world of dating has changed thanks to the pandemic. Let us figure out if these changes are positive.

Daters Tend to Be More Intentional

A couple of years ago, a man who was looking to date beautiful Russian brides signed up for the brides4love site. Then, he was lingering about his intentions and expectations from a potential date he had met over a dating app. And the pandemic showed people that there is not so much time, and the romance of a lonely lifestyle is not that attractive anymore. Besides, there is no sense in delaying the opportunity to get to know a partner. Here are some statistics of the Match dating app:

  • Users tend to devote more time to get to know their potential partners better – around 63%;
  • The majority of people are more honest with their potential dates – about 69%;
  • The physical attraction has ceased to be that essential – 61% and 49% among Gen Z and millennials respectively;
  • More than half of the users have started to consider more people as potential dates – around 59%.

As you can see, the users of dating apps have become more mindful in terms of their dating approaches.

Being More Honest As a Great Dating Habit

After the severe restrictions caused by the pandemic, people have understood the importance of relationships. Besides, it has become clear that there is no time not to be honest with ourselves, as well as potential partners. It is not only telling who you really are and what your purposes are. Now, after the pandemic, daters are no longer interested in small talks when they initiate communication over a dating app.

“Single people are willing to acquire more from dating: their desire is to have a meaningful relationship rather than casual dating. They are striving to find a partner who will be able to maintain serious conversations; they are looking for honesty and transparency with their partners,” Dr. Helen Fisher said (she is the Chief Scientific Advisor of Match and a biological anthropologist).

The Positive Impact of the Pandemic

Yes, we can conclude that the pandemic has had a positive influence not only on couples that have managed to survive during the lockdown times but also on singles who are now sure of what they want and expect from a relationship. And the possibility of meeting in person again (at least in the USA, thanks to vaccination) helps them understand what they have missed in dating most of all. We’ll see what the years to come will bring us.

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