For the past 16 years, Washington Monthly College Guide has ranked colleges “based on what they do for the country.” In the rankings recently released, St. Mary’s College of Maryland is ranked 30 among the top Liberal Arts Colleges in the United States.  

St. Mary’s College, the National Public Honors College, is also ranked 112 out of 393 colleges in the northeast that offer the Best Bang for the Buck. The guide describes this ranking as “the schools where students of modest means get the most for their money.”

Washington Monthly rates schools on three equally weighted criteria: social mobility, research, and community and national service. According to the guide, “This means that top-ranked colleges needed to be excellent across the full breadth of our measures, rather than excelling in just one measure.” 

According to Washington Monthly, for the Best Bang for the Buck ranking they“used a college’s graduation rate over eight years for all students instead of the first-time, full-time graduation rate that is typically used but which presents an incomplete picture of a college’s success.”

St. Mary’s College was also recently ranked 6th Best Public Liberal Arts College in U.S. News & World Report, included in The Princeton Review’s “Best 387 Colleges” Guide for 2022, and recognized by as one of the Best Colleges in Maryland.  

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