One of the most recent yet powerful movements in the cosmetic industry is the drive towards products with natural ingredients. Such products are also called organic cosmetic or skincare products.

Most conventional beauty and skincare products are made using many chemicals, most of which are dangerous. However, they are effective in achieving results in the short term hence their prevalent use.

The question is whether skincare products with natural ingredients are effective, and how do they compare with traditional skincare products?

Natural Skin Care Products

When you check out the FDA (Food and Drug Authority) website, there is no meaning for the word natural. On the other hand, you will find the term organic on the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), which means products without pesticides, fertilizers, and other non-organic substances.

Natural is often used to mean organic, but it can also refer to not highly processed ingredients. 

However, just because a skincare product has natural or organic ingredients does not mean that it is safe. They may still cause adverse reactions to your skin if you are allergic to the elements.

Some natural skin care products also don’t produce the results they claim to, such as moisturizing, anti-aging, toning, or brightening the skin. Therefore, a skincare product with natural ingredients may still be ineffective.

Using natural skin care products is more of a lifestyle choice or political stand than anything else. It does not mean you are choosing better products.

They may have a more negligible effect on your skin, or they may be completely ineffective. You have to use the product and find out for yourself.

Workings of Skin Care

When you apply a skincare product from Tata Harper organic skincare on your body, only tiny molecules will be absorbed into your skin. The skin has a protective barrier that protects it from dangerous foreign elements.

The molecules that the skin absorbs into the body are often in trace amounts or not at all. The synthetic materials used in skincare products are often used to effect change in deeper layers of the skin.

Some molecules are compatible with the skin and body’s constitution, and others are incompatible due to the chemical change they have undergone. Depending on the chemicals that the body absorbs, skincare products could have an adverse effect on the body.

Natural ingredients are thought to have a more negligible effect than synthetic ingredients hence the advocacy for more natural ingredients in skincare products.

Hazardous Substances in Skincare Products

The fact of the matter is that there are dangerous and potentially harmful elements in many skincare products. There are preservatives, pesticides, and other chemicals that are not only harmful to your body but also to the environment.

The movement that aims to have more natural ingredients in skincare products aims to remove the above hazardous substances. However, considering how many products there are on the market, it is extremely challenging for someone to evaluate each ingredient to ascertain its safety.

Moreover, there isn’t enough research on synthetic ingredients to ascertain their harmfulness or natural ingredients to confirm their effectiveness.


If you want to start using skincare products with more natural ingredients, by all means, do so. It could help reduce your carbon footprint and make an ecological stand. However, it will be more of an internal matter than one of effectiveness.

You should always check the ingredients on the back of the bottle and not just assume a product has natural ingredients because it says so on the front. What you eat is much more important for your skin than what you apply to it.

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