Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) offers free weekly COVID-19 preventative screenings for students and staff. To participate, parents and staff must complete a one-time registration with the state health department contractor, 20/20 GeneSystems.

Click here to access the registration portal. The test used is an anterior nasal swab PCR test. Results are provided to parents and staff in the portal within 48 hours. Users can sign up for email notifications. Only positive results are shared confidentially with the CCPS Office of School Safety and Security for the follow-up to ensure sick students or staff are not coming to schools.  

Testing at elementary and middle schools is done during lunch shifts to avoid instructional conflicts. Below is the testing schedule for high school students.

High School COVID-19 Screening Schedule

SchoolLunchPM (1 hour after last bell)
Henry E. LackeyMonday & WednesdayWednesday
LaPlataMonday & WednesdayWednesday
Maurice J. McDonoughTuesday & ThursdayThursday
North PointMonday & WednesdayWednesday
St. CharlesTuesday & ThursdayThursday
Thomas StoneTuesday & ThursdayThursday
WestlakeMonday & WednesdayWednesday

The licensed contractor oversees the testing program and processes all results.

The Maryland Department of Health is providing the testing program to local school systems. CCPS has now limited the administration of COVID-19 tests in schools. The screening program provides an opportunity for free weekly testing.

CCPS is no longer COVID-19 testing students or staff who are quarantining. Rapid COVID-19 tests will only be administered by school nurses at their discretion for students or staff who display severe COVID-19 symptoms while at school. The Charles County Department of Health offers free COVID-19 testing during the week. Click here for a schedule.  

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