Dear Dr. Curry:

As you are no doubt aware, escalation between the Calvert County Public Schools (CCPS), the Calvert County bus transportation contractors and their employees continues. Our office continues to receive calls about the unavailability of studenttransportationtoandfromschool,thelackofresponsetothebuscontractoremployeesandtheimpactthatthissituation will have on Calvert County students and theirfamilies.

Calvert County Government has no control over the employment conditions for the bus contractors and their employees. However, because the situation continues to escalate, and after learning of the potential for an additional 10-day impact to bus transportation service, both parents and bus transportation employees are seeking assistance from their elected officials in a desperate attempt to resolve this untenable situation.

Calvert County, Maryland, is well known for our outstanding public education system and quality of life. We urge you to identify a solution to temporarily resolve this situation while working toward a permanent solution that addresses the bus transportation employee concerns.

It is our hope that CCPS can quickly resolve this situation so that we may get our children back in the classroom and our transportationemployeesconcernsaddressed.Ourorganizationsareplacedinthepublic’strust.Youmustworkto resolvethis situation in the most expeditious manner to provide the best educational and work environment possible for ourconstituents.

We offer our assistance if needed. Should you need to discuss further, please contact County Administrator Julian M. Willis at 410-535-1600, ext. 2214.

The letter was signed by all County Commissioners.

Letter CCPS Bus Transportation by David M. Higgins II on Scribd

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