The Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History will host a new exhibition that highlights the wonder of nature through photographs of extraordinary and often rarely seen animal behaviors. “Unforgettable Behavior: Wildlife Photographer of the Year” will offer visitors the opportunity to see the beauty and fragility of wildlife and challenge them to think differently about their relationship with nature. The exhibition opens Nov. 3.

Facebook update Marsel van Oosten, The Netherlands 2014

“Unforgettable Behavior” is a specially curated photography show from the Natural History Museum in London. It features 38 award-winning images from past Wildlife Photographer of the Year competitions. Each photograph tells a unique story—from life-or-death decisions to changing environments and human interactions. The images ignite curiosity about the natural world and invite visitors to become advocates for the planet.

“These photos allow us to connect with animals we might never otherwise see,” said Michael Lawrence, assistant director for exhibitions at the National Museum of Natural History. “They show an extraordinary range of surprising and often deeply moving acts of animal behavior that inspire us to care about the world around us.”

Wildlife Photographer of the Year is an annual competition with thousands of professional and amateur entries from nearly 100 countries worldwide. Winners are chosen for technical innovation, artistic composition, and authentic representation of the natural world. The competition not only showcases some of the world’s best nature photography but also features the important stories behind these images in extended captions. Many illustrate our complicated relationship with nature and raise awareness of global environmental issues. The competition started in 1965 and is the longest-running and most prestigious photographic competition of its kind.

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