LEONARDTOWN, MD– Effective Friday, Nov. 5, the St. Mary’s Transit System (STS) will be adjusting the transit routes for the Route 2, Charlotte Hall, and Route 12 evening Leonardtown buses to begin operating on reduced schedules.

Under the reduced service, the Charlotte Hall, Route 2, northbound route will run northbound on the even hours and southbound on the odd hours. The route will begin northbound at 6 a.m., leaving the Leonardtown Governmental transfer location and traveling its regular route north to the Charlotte Hall Food Lion transfer location. The Charlotte Hall route will run its last hour at 5 p.m. from the Charlotte Hall Food Lion transfer location traveling its regular route to the Leonardtown governmental transfer location, where it will end at 6 p.m.

The Leonardtown north, Route 12, evening bus runs between Wildewood Shopping Center and Charlotte Hall and will still start at 6 p.m. in Charlotte Hall and run southbound on its normal route. It will then run the northbound route on the odd hour of 7 p.m. The last Leonardtown bus will run southbound at 8 p.m. from Charlotte Hall. There will be no change for the riders that commute from the north. Those riders returning from the VanGo transfer will make it home to the Leonardtown and Lexington Park areas.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience.

For information on STS routes and services, please visit https://www.stmarysmd.com/dpw/sts-transit/.

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