Who are the Arizona Cardinals?

The Arizona Cardinals are a professional gridiron football team that is based in Phoenix, Arizona. The Cardinals are the oldest team in the NFL, but they are also one of the least successful franchises in league history, as they have only won two NFL championships. One was won in 1925, and another in 1947.

They started out as the Morgan Athletic Club, a neighborhood team that was based at the South Side of Chicago. They acquired their nickname in 1901, when their founder, Chris O’Brien, received a shipment of faded jerseys from the University of Chicago Maroons football team that was cardinal red in color.

If you are looking at odds for an Arizona Cardinals win, we have got all you need here. If you are closely tracking the NFL, you will know that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the defending title, hoping to go for another Super Bowl win this year. However, the Arizona Cardinals are performing well in the regular season so far, and it looks like it could even be the Cardinals going to the Super Bowl this year. The Bucs have suffered three losses in regular-season play so far this season, whereas the Cardinals have only suffered two losses so far. It’s looking to be a close one!

What is there to know about them?

The Cardinals have won two NFL championships, both while they were based in Chicago. The first one is the subject of controversy, with supporters of the Pottsville Maroons believing that Pottsville should have won the title. Their second title and their first game to be won as a championship game was in 1947, two decades before the first Super Bowl. They returned to the title game to defend in 1948 but lost 7-0.

In 2012 they became the first NFL franchise to lose 700 games since its inception. Their all-time win-loss record at the conclusion of the 2020 season was 574-780=41. They have, however, been to the playoffs ten times, and they have won seven playoff games, three of which were victories during their run in the 08- 09 playoffs. During that season they won their only NFC championship game since the 1970 merger, and they reached the Super Bowl XLIII but lost 27-23 to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

They’ve won five division titles and they are the only NFL team who have never lost a playoff game at home with a 5-0 record!

Team history.

Most of what there is to know about the team occurred in the years prior to the merger, as they were building up they improved their game, however, they’ve almost been a background player since the merger.

All there had really been to know about the cardinals post-merger is their improvement in winning records after the merger.

You see, they began posting winning records with higher frequency in St. Louis, however, the postseason evaded them until 1974, when a team including quarterback Jim Hart, running back Terry Metcalf, and a pair of future Hall of Famers ( Dan Dierdorf and Jackie Smith), won ten games and made the first two consecutive trips to the playoffs, where, sadly, they lost each time.

The Cardinals returned to the playoffs again during the strike-shortened 1982 season, however, a lack of fan support, as well as the owner’s desire for a profitable home stadium, induced the team to move to Phoenix in 1988.

Their mediocre play continued until 1988 when quarterback Jake Plummer led the team to a nine-win season and their first playoff victory in 51 years! While this did not stick, in 1008 they had their most successful ever season.

We cannot help but wonder if it is possible that the Cardinals will start to really shine this season, as they are doing very well in the regular season. But, what are their current stats?

Arizona Cardinals 2021 Stats.

A quick look at the current stats of the Arizona Cardinals in the 2021 Season! It looks promising!

Total 1st Downs.259
Rushing 1st Downs90
Passing 1st Downs147
1st Downs by Penalty.22
3rd Down Conversions.63/ 144
4th Down Conversions.10/ 15
Total Offensive Yards4425
Offensive Plays770
Offensive Yards Average5.7
Total Rushing Yards.1490
Rushing Plays373
Average Rushing Yards4.0
Total Passing Yards2935
Passing Completions272
Passing Attempts.371
Passing Interceptions8
Passing Average.8.5
Field Goals17/ 22
Rushing Touchdowns19
Passing Touchdowns22
Returns (Touchdowns)0
Defensive Touchdowns1
Average Time of Possession31:26

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