ANNAPOLIS, MD – Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (MD-05) filed for re-election and announced his run to represent Maryland’s Fifth Congressional District in the 118th Congress. Following his announcement, he was endorsed by 43 local officials and leaders from across Prince George’s County and Southern Maryland.

“I was pleased to file for re-election today to continue delivering for Maryland’s Fifth Congressional District. It is an honor to serve my constituents in Congress and fight for them to have every opportunity to succeed and get ahead.

“Over the past year, I have worked tirelessly in Congress to help Marylanders get through the COVID-19 pandemic. I was proud to help lead the effort to enact the American Rescue Plan, which accelerated vaccine distribution, allowed our small businesses to keep their doors open, and safely returned our children to school. This legislation delivered Child Tax Credit payments to over 88,000 Fifth District families and $38 million in direct payments to Marylanders to ensure they could pay their bills, put food on the table, and keep a roof over their heads. I was proud to work closely with the White House to secure a mass vaccination site in Greenbelt. In slightly over a month, this site vaccinated 100,000 Marylanders and helped our state close the gap in vaccine disparities.

“I’ve also been proud to advance President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda through the House to bring real benefits to Maryland’s Fifth District. The bipartisan infrastructure law will create thousands of good-paying jobs in Maryland, replace water pipes contaminated with lead, expand broadband access, and reduce traffic congestion and shorten commutes by improving our state’s roads, bridges, and public transportation.

“The Build Back Better Act goes even further to help Marylanders achieve economic security by extending the Child Tax Credit, making child care and home care for seniors more affordable, capping insulin costs at $35 per month, and strengthening the ACA so that more people can access quality, affordable health care. It will also make historic investments in our state to address the climate crisis, which continues to be an existential threat facing our communities.

“Every day, but especially throughout the pandemic, my office has worked tirelessly to help Fifth District families get the assistance they need. Together we have resolved issues ranging from delayed mail deliveries to pandemic-related travel difficulties, assistance with unemployment claims, and ensuring our veterans receive the benefits they have earned. Still, there is more to be done to improve the quality of life for families across the Fifth District. I hope to continue my work in Congress making health care and prescription drugs more affordable, defending our federal workforce, helping create good-paying jobs, and protecting voting rights and every woman’s right to choose. As we look ahead to next year, I will continue to champion the priorities of residents in the Fifth District and look forward to working hard to secure their votes.”

“I am honored to have received endorsements today from Maryland’s elected officials and local leaders,” said Congressman Hoyer. “I’ve been proud to work alongside these leaders on behalf of the Fifth District to address the issues that matter to our people the most. Together, we’ve helped secure critical COVID-19 relief for our state, assisted struggling Maryland businesses and families during the economic fallout of this pandemic, and secured equitable access to vaccines at the Greenbelt Mass Vaccination site. We’ve been able to provide relief to small businesses, funding for state and local governments, and support for our federal employees and agencies, including at Goddard, BARC, and military installations like the Pax River, Webster Field, and Indian Head. There is more work to be done, and I look forward to continuing our work together on behalf of our communities.”

  • Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks
  • Prince George’s County States Attorney Aisha Braveboy
  • Prince George’s County Council Chair Calvin Hawkins
  • Charles County Commissioner President Reuben Collins
  • Prince George’s County/Anne Arundel State Senator Jim Rosapepe
  • Prince George’s County State Senator Paul Pinsky
  • Prince George’s County State Senator Ron Watson
  • Prince George’s County State Senator Joanne C. Benson
  • Prince George’s County State Senator Melony Griffith
  • Prince George’s County State Senator Obie Patterson
  • Prince George’s County/Charles/Calvert State Senator Michael Jackson
  • Prince George’s County State Senator Malcolm Augustine
  • Prince George’s County Council At-Large Mel Franklin
  • Prince George’s County Councilmember Thomas Dernoga
  • Prince George’s County Councilmember Deni L. Taveras
  • Prince George’s County Councilmember Dannielle M. Glaros
  • Prince George’s County Councilmember Todd Turner
  • Prince George’s County Councilmember Derrick Leon Davis
  • Prince George’s County Councilmember Sydney J. Harrison
  • Charles County Commissioner Gilbert Bowling
  • Charles County Commissioner Amanda Stewart
  • Charles County Commissioner Thomasina Coates
  • Prince George’s County/Anne Arundel Delegate Joseline Peña-Melnyk
  • Prince George’s County/Anne Arundel Delegate Mary Lehman
  • Prince George’s County/Anne Arundel Delegate Ben Barnes
  • Prince George’s County Delegate Nicole Williams
  • Prince George’s County Delegate Anne Healey
  • Prince George’s County Delegate Geraldine Valentino-Smith
  • Prince George’s County Delegate Marvin E. Holmes Jr.
  • Prince George’s County Delegate Cheryl Landis
  • Prince George’s County Delegate Jazz Lewis
  • Prince George’s County Delegate Andrea Fletcher Harrison
  • Prince George’s County Delegate Faye Martin Howell
  • Prince George’s County Delegate Dereck E. Davis
  • Prince George’s County Delegate Darryl Barnes
  • Prince George’s County Delegate Nick Charles
  • Prince George’s County Delegate Kriselda Valderrama
  • Prince George’s County Delegate Jay Walker
  • Charles/Prince George’s County Delegate Susie Proctor
  • Prince George’s County/Calvert Delegate Rachel Jones
  • Charles County Delegate Edith Patterson
  • Charles County Delegate C.T. Wilson
  • St. Mary’s County Delegate Brian Crosby

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