The College of Southern Maryland would like to recognize the student-athletes who were named to the Fall 2021 3.0 Club.

The 3.0 Club was created by the athletic administration to showcase our student-athletes who have put in a tremendous amount of work both in the classroom and on the field. Recognition to the 3.0 Club is granted to any student-athlete who was full-time and earned a 3.0 GPA or higher.

The 3.0 Club was created prior to the 2019-20 academic year. Recognition will be awarded at the end of the fall and spring semesters.

The student-athletes named to Fall 2021 3.0 Club are:

Men’s Soccer

  • Richard Miller
  • Hassan Turay
  • Oscar Perez
  • Cole Trani
  • Todd Drake
  • Thomas Larsen

Women’s Soccer

  • Mackenzie Miller*
  • Haley Bullis
  • Anna Able

Women’s Volleyball

  • Samya Alexander
  • Rachel Marino

Men’s Basketball

  • Diallo Barry
  • Shawn Barclay

Women’s Basketball

  • Jariah Russell
  • Moriah Jones
  • Tia Dixon


  • Blake DiPietro*
  • Kody Fedkow
  • Jacob Holt
  • Ransley Ferreras
  • Mason Stine
  • Mikey Guy
  • Jesus Moscat
  • Preston Long


  • Kaela Gilligan
  • Elaina Ayers
  • Jaden Vermillion
  • Abby Norris


  • Jake Gleason

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