ANNAPOLIS, MD (December 22, 2021)—Fair Maps Maryland, a nonpartisan grassroots organization, released the following statement from spokesman Doug Mayer condemning the legislative redistricting map created by the Maryland General Assembly and their attempts to hide from Marylanders while suppressing voting rights:

“The Maryland General Assembly is giving the Grinch a run for his money. Holding legislative hearings on a map that was purposefully released in the shadow of Christmas Day would be shocking if it weren’t completely in line with everything they have done to date. They held sham public meetings, made signing up to testify impossible, and are now using a worldwide, religious holiday to hide their dirty work. 

“The legislative leaders’ goals have nothing to do with good government or transparency and everything to do with maintaining political power and making sure Marylanders don’t see their civil rights being violated. Again, there isn’t a single Marylander or member of the Maryland press who can name the person or political operative who drafted these maps, can say why certain decisions were made or know who paid for it to be done. What is clear is who this is benefitting—the politicians who are currently in office and in power.

“Fair Maps Maryland will be filing a partisan gerrymandering case in state court tomorrow morning challenging the Maryland General Assembly’s unconstitutional Congressional map and we will do the exact same thing if they proceed with this outrageous and unconstitutional legislative map. They might be able to hide from the public, but they can’t hide from subpoenas. We look forward to seeing them in court.” 

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