January 10, 2022 (Chesapeake Beach, MD)-The Town of Chesapeake Beach will hold a public hearing on January 20, 2022, at 6:45 PM on Ordinance O-21-7, an ordinance of the Town of Chesapeake Beach to expand Admission and Amusement Tax for the Town of Chesapeake Beach to include Sports Betting for Class A1, A2, Class B1, and Class B2 Licenses.

“While the Town Council voiced Town citizens overwhelming disapproval of expanding gaming activities in Town, the State of Maryland has pre-empted the Town, authorizing Sports Betting within Chesapeake Beach. Although not approved by the Town, the Town is burdened by the expanded gaming activity and therefore should receive tax revenue to offset the burden these activities place on our residential community”, stated Mayor Patrick “Irish” Mahoney.

During the 2020 Town Election, citizens answered two (2) ballot questions related to expanded gambling activities in Town. In response, the Town Council passed Ordinance #O-21-1 Prohibiting Full Casino Licenses or Sports Betting Licenses and communicated citizens’ desires to the State. Ordinance O-21-7 allows the Town to collect tax revenue on sports betting at the same rate as all other gaming activities in Town.

The public hearing will be held just prior to the regularly scheduled Town Council meeting on January 20, 2022, at 7:00 PM. The hearing will begin at 6:45 PM. The public hearing and the Town meeting can be joined by phone or computer. To join by computer, visit bit.ly/jan22townmeeting to join by phone dial (301) 715-8592 and enter the Meeting ID 869 755 7180. Members of the public who wish to provide public comment will be asked to state their name and their residential address before providing comment on Ordinance O-21-7. The Town Council will vote on Ordinance O-21-7 during the January 20, 2022 Town meeting that begins directly after the hearing at 7:00 PM. The hearing and the Town meeting will be recorded for public view and made available on the Town’s Channel

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