The COVID pandemic will likely be sticking around for a while. What does that mean for investors? The primary lesson of the unique historical event is still sinking in and causing global repercussions in financial markets everywhere. No segment of the economy has been left untouched. Stocks, bonds, commodities, forex, precious metals, options, futures, real estate, cryptocurrency, and many other asset classes were deeply affected by the viral pandemic that came roaring out of China in early 2020.

But, as is the case with every major crisis, human beings learn to adapt and eventually discover a few positive aspects of negative events. In this case, COVID has clearly changed the nature of investing and trading for working people as well as for professionals. For example, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are popular again after at least a decade of dormancy. Likewise, day trading has gained millions of new adherents among at-home workers who are looking for a way to earn part-time income. Other post-COVID strategies that are showing new signs of life include forex, copy trading, and cryptocurrency. Here are details about how everyday working adults are investing their discretionary capital in a world that’s been deeply changed by the COVID pandemic.

Day Trading Goes Mainstream

Day trading has finally entered the mainstream. Since COVID shut down huge sectors of the world economy, millions of at-home students, retirees, and out-of-work adults have turned to the pursuit as a way to earn regular income. Those interested in trying their hand at day trading can review a guide on the best penny stocks to watch to trade on a daily basis. That means you’ll never hold a position overnight. To get started, consider some of the best small-cap shares. In fact, here is a list of stocks by symbol, in no particular order. Each one ranks as one of the most active in the penny category:

  • EENF
  • ITUB
  • SKLZ
  • BBD
  • HCMC
  • TKLF

Forex and Copy Trading are Enjoying New Popularity

Foreign exchange has always had a devoted following, but once COVID lockdowns started happening, millions of new fans signed up for accounts and began practicing their techniques from home for the first time. Copy trading is another strategy that has gained ground due to lockdowns and economic slowdowns. To copy trade, investors simply choose a professional they want to follow and then set the account to auto-trade. Even as the pandemic continues to abate and more nations are dispensing with restrictions, both forex and copy trading continue to surge in popularity.

Cryptocurrency Attracts Huge Numbers of New Investors

Cryptocurrency, bitcoin, in particular, has undergone a major reevaluation by the public in light of pandemic-induced financial instability. Gone are the days when crypto was viewed as an oddity and a not-so-smart way to earn a return on hard-earned capital. In 2022 and beyond, expect bitcoin, Ethereum, and other major players in this space to continue to gain widespread acceptance as a form of payment and a reasonable way to build diversification and an inflationary hedge into a personal portfolio.

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