(ANNAPOLIS, MD) – March is Maryland Wine Month. Officially recognized by the Governor’s Office since 2017, Maryland Wine Month is a month-long celebration of the state’s growing wine industry. Wine lovers throughout the state are encouraged to plan winery visits and enjoy locally made wine throughout March.

All month long, local wineries will host unique events and feature new wine releases. The Maryland Wineries Association (MWA) will unveil a new women-owned winery trail badge to be unlocked on the Maryland Craft Beverages App. Additionally, MWA will host a social media scavenger hunt aiming to get wine fans engaged with their favorite local wineries.

Kevin Atticks, executive director of MWA, shared, “Maryland Wine Month is the best time for wine lovers to learn about local wineries and to explore superb wines being made in every region of our state. The directories and resources located on our website and within the Maryland Craft Beverages App make wine tourism in Maryland easy and fun.”

There’s A Lot About Maryland Wine To Celebrate

“From grapes to glass, Maryland wine is synonymous with local jobs, local agriculture, and small businesses,” said Kimberly T. Johnson, co-owner of Philosophy Winery and president of the Maryland Wineries Association. “Every celebration of Maryland Wine Month is a chance to drink wine from here and celebrate the contributions we make in our communities.”

Winemaking in Maryland is a tradition dating back to the 17th Century. A trail was blazed for the modern wine industry following the bonding of Boordy Vineyard, located in Hydes, in 1945. Today, Maryland’s wine industry is made up of 115 licensed wineries and hundreds of retailers and restaurants offering local wine. According to WineAmerica, our local wineries have an impact of more than $2.6 billion on the state’s economy and support nearly 14,000 Maryland jobs.

The Maryland Wineries Association is made up of winery members that take ownership of progressing the industry. In December 2021, the association elected a board of directors that represents the breadth of Maryland’s wine regions and winery models. The new officers for this board include:

  • President: Kimberly T. Johnson, Philosophy Winery
  • Vice President: Adam Fizyta, Catoctin Breeze Vineyard
  • Treasurer: Karen Seppi, Love Point Vineyard
  • Secretary: George Warmenhoven, Antietam Creek Vineyards

“As an owner of a local winery that was founded in 2018, it is incredibly rewarding to have been elected President of this association,” said Johnson. “The Maryland Wineries Association has been an integral part of my journey in wine. I believe Maryland plays a very important role in the success of creating great wine on the East Coast. With this platform, I intend to be an active voice for our industry. Maryland has what it takes to emerge from the soil and produce sustainable, noteworthy, distinctive wine that will please the palates of consumers from every angle. There is a Maryland wine for everyone, get out and find yours.”

Port of Leonardtown Winery we are offering private barrel room tastings with our Winemaker. 

 “Join us in celebrating March Maryland Wine Month with special barrel room tastings with our winemaker.  Learn the basics of wine tasting while being the first to sample our brand new, not yet released wines, including Blanco Loco, Viognier, Vidalacato, and some premium red wine directly from oak barrels. “

Five-time slots will be available on March 11th,18th & 25th.  Limited qty per slot.

Go to www.Polwinery.com/store/events

The full list of board members and the regions they represent can be found at the Maryland Wineries Association website. Additional details about the Maryland wine industry and the 2022 Maryland Wine Month celebration can be found by visiting the Maryland Wineries Association online at marylandwine.com or on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For the best Maryland wine tourism experience, download the Maryland Craft Beverages app for your Android or iOS device today.

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