When it comes to weight loss supplements, tens of thousands of products exist that all promise to be the next cutting-edge or miracle product. Attempting to read through all the customer reviews and write-ups can become mind-numbing but getting the facts about any weight loss product is essential if you don’t want to waste your money or time. You may be asking yourself Do It Works Slimming Gummies Work? Lets find out in this IT works review. 

IT Works Slimming Gummies attempts to break the stigma of companies that offer “the next groundbreaking product” with some new miracle ingredient by promoting an all-natural choice designed to trigger weight loss. However, the organization behind IT Works Slimming Gummies doesn’t have the best track record.

Looking back on previous offerings from IT Works, you’ll find products like “Skinny Tea” and “Skinny Brew” – and even a type of lotion that helps you look slimmer. On the surface, this sounds exactly like the type of snake-oil sales tactics that promise “the next groundbreaking product.”

IT Works has a C+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a string of complaints about a mile long. However, we never try to judge a book by its cover, and we decided the popularity of IT Works Slimming Gummies warranted the need for a fair review.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these gummies, and not just what they can do – but what’s in them specifically, and additional information that will help you decide if IT Works Slimming Gummies are right for you. Do IT Works Slimming Gummies really work? For some reason, we’re not so sure. In the sections ahead, you’ll find out why.

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What Are IT Works Slimming Gummies?

These gummy supplements are presented as a minimal investment, high-return solution for preventing additional weight gain and reducing your hips and waist size. According to the makers of IT Works Slimming Gummies, taking only a few gummies each day can promote the elimination of stubborn fat deposits around your midsection and belly.

At the same time, the ingredients in this product are also formulated to help prevent additional weight gain while simultaneously breaking down the already-present fat stored in these problem areas. IT Works Slimming Gummies comes off by presenting snake-oil claims from the start. This doesn’t look like a good start for our review of It Works Slimming Gummies Review.

It Works Slimming Gummies Before and After

As you’ve learned from previous reviews, targeting and eliminating fat from specific areas of the body is nearly impossible. Most products that promote claims like this typically end up being nothing more than low-quality, low ingredient products that produce hardly any effective results.

Usually, you end up getting a supplement full of all-natural, mostly safe for use ingredients that would typically be effective – if they were provided in higher doses. Let’s see if IT Works Slimming Gummies sticks to this same pattern.

IT Works Slimming Gummies Ingredients

These slimming gummies claim to reduce your BMI, curb weight gain, and burn excess fat around the hips and stomach by using Morosil to increase your metabolism and other ingredients like apple cider vinegar. Admittedly, both elements are promising when it comes to weight loss.

Whether they’re contained in appropriate amounts is another matter altogether. The following section breaks down the primary ingredients in IT Works Slimming Gummies.

  • Morosil
  • Chicory Root
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Paprika
  • Citric acid


Morosil is formulated to reduce the buildup of fat deposits in the body while increasing your metabolism. This blend is a patented extract of Bionap, used to prevent and manage obesity.

In double-blind clinical studies, Morosil was proven effective on volunteers in several areas. Participants reported a significant reduction in body weight, waist size, and BMI.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is used in many weight-loss supplements and has promising weight loss benefits. In studies, this ingredient has proven its ability to reduce oxidative stress and the risk of obesity.

Additionally, it’s also used to moderate insulin and blood sugar levels after meals. Many people with diabetes use apple cider vinegar to help manage their condition and help prevent weight gain.

Citric Acid

Citric acid is widely known to help increase the body’s metabolism. IT Works Slimming Gummies contain this ingredient to help absorb specific minerals and improve energy metabolism.

Other studies have also shown that citric acid may help kill harmful bacteria in the gut and reduce the overall acidity in your body. In other supplements, this ingredient is included for its benefits on the brain and liver.


Paprika contains a vital ingredient known as capsaicin that’s present in many weight loss supplements. In other products, paprika is used for gut health and prevents gas and bloating.

Capsaicin is used to provide benefits as an anti-obesity agent. It works by increasing the oxidation of fat molecules in the body.

Chicory Root

Chicory root is a prebiotic ingredient that feeds gut bacteria and boosts mineral absorption, helping the body’s digestive process. The makers of IT Works Slimming Gummies claim this ingredient helps users reduce their overall intake of calories.

While there’s no clinical evidence supporting these claims, research has shown that it decreases ghrelin levels, which is a hormone that causes hunger feelings in the body.

Our Take on IT Works Slimming Gummies Ingredients

How do we feel about the ingredients in IT Works Slimming Gummies? Honestly, we’re not overly impressed.

Taking IT Works Slimming Gummies might promote healthier digestion and overall gut health; there’s no reason to believe it will cause any spectacular weight loss. If you’re at a weight you’re happy with, these gummies might work to help you maintain weight – but if you’re looking to lose a few pounds or a significant amount of weight, there are better products to spend your money on.

It Works Slimming Gummies Nutrition Facts & Information

  • 10 calories
  • 4g of carbs
  • 3g of fiber
  • 1g of total sugars
  • 0g of added sugars

What about the side effects?

IT Works Slimming Gummies Side Effects

Based on the ingredients in IT Works Slimming Gummies, we don’t have any reason to believe this supplement would cause any harmful side effects. The apple cider vinegar and citric acid may cause a minor stomachache when you initially begin dosing, but even then, the chances are low. These ingredients aren’t really found in high enough doses to have much of an effect at all.

Even if you decide to give this product a shot, it’s always wise to consult with your physician before making any changes to your diet or beginning any supplement regimen.

Some people online have reported bloating as a side effect. See this IT Works Slimming Gummies Review from another website:

IT Works Slimming Gummies Pros and Cons

What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking this product? We discern between the two below.


  • The taste of these gummies is pleasant
  • They’re vegan and keto-friendly
  • Some of the ingredients may help with bloating and gut health


  • There’s a lack of research and clinical evidence regarding this product
  • Only one ingredient has any proven benefits for significant weight loss – in the proper doses
  • The manufacturer is poorly reviewed according to the BBB and other product feedback
  • It doesn’t do much in the way of weight loss – it makes false claims

IT Works Slimming Gummies Review and Results  – The Bottom Line

So, what’s our final opinion of IT Works Slimming Gummies? Save your money for something better. As we stated earlier, IT Works Slimming Gummies might provide some benefits for gut health and digestion – and it even might help you maintain weight.

But as far as promoting any substantial weight loss as it promises – don’t count on it. There just aren’t enough effective ingredients that trigger any sort of metabolism increase or elements of weight loss in any significant amounts.

If you search online you’ll find little in the way of It Works Slimming Gummies Before and Afters, which may cause concern for some buyers.

Luckily, there are a few other products sampled by our partners and members of our team that produce positive results. Consider any of the following alternatives to IT Works Slimming Gummies.

Alternatives to IT Works Slimming Gummies

Each of the following products is a far superior alternative to IT Works Slimming Gummies if you’re looking for something that will be effective in managing weight loss.

  • Goli Nutrition Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies – Here’s a product that effectively uses apple cider vinegar as a weight-loss supplement. It also has plenty of other effective ingredients that have significant health benefits.
  • Diet Works Fat Burner Thermo Gummies – Contain ingredients that burn fat and eliminate excess water from the boy.
  • Hydroxycut Weight Loss Gummies – Veteran weight loss product manufacturer Hydroxycut makes an effective weight loss gummy. This product contains 15 essential vitamins and minerals and is effective at helping users drop substantial amounts of weight.


1) Shred CBD – Best Overall

Our pick for the top alternative to IT Works Slimming Gummies is Shred CBD – a 99% pure CBD isolate combined with green tea and Garcinia Cambogia. In as little as 30 days, this product can help you lose a noticeable amount of weight, repair essential cells in the body, and reduce anxiety.

How exactly does Shred CBD work?

  • It targets stored fat cells through oxidation and speeds up the metabolism.
  • It increases the hormone ghrelin, which reduces the body’s craving for food. By decreasing your appetite, you eliminate the unwanted snacking of unhealthy foods between meals.
  • Shred CBD interacts with the mitochondria in your body to help with metabolic disorders that may stop you from losing weight.
  • It improves your energy levels and promotes a positive mood, increasing exercise performance.

Shred CBD is well worth the money if you’re looking for a product that promotes healthy weight loss in more ways than one.

See ShredCBD Here.

  • Leanbean – Best with Caffeine (Green Coffee Extract)

LeanBean is our second choice for an alternative to It Works Gummies. Its one of the best female fat burners on the market and also guarantees results.

How Does Leanbean Work?

  • Caffeine in Green Coffee Bean provides energy and increases metabolism
  • Helps suppress the appetite with Glucomannan
  • Contains other key vitamins and minerals to aid weight loss

See Leanbean Here

It Works Slimming Gummies Contact Information

  • 908 Riverside Dr
  • Palmetto, FL 34221-5035
  • http://www.itworks.com
  • 6:30 AM – 8:00 PM

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