Plenity is an FDA-approved weight-loss product for adults seeking to lose weight. The idea of a magic pill like Plenity that provides weight-loss results is always a far-fetched idea that most people take with a grain of salt. Our Plenity review takes a look at this OTC weight loss pill to see if it’ll help you lose weight.

However, there always seems to be a more favorable reception for prescription weight loss medications, most likely because of the backing they receive from regulatory agencies. There’s something about an FDA approval that makes consumers drop their guards regarding products to help you lose weight.

However, it’s important to remember that approval doesn’t always equal high-quality results. This article gets to the bottom of Plenity weight loss claims, breaking down the ingredients and highlighting any adverse side effects, and its weight loss effectiveness.

Finally, we’ll offer our preferred alternatives to the Plenity diet pill and explain why this FDA-approved weight-loss drug doesn’t live up to the hype. Other weight loss supplements can have a great impact on weight loss, without the risk of side effects or wasted money.

Our Plenity Review: Does It Really Help You Lose Weight?

The first red flag for us during our Plenity weight loss review was that it was difficult to find a complete list of ingredients. Transparency is vital for any supplement, and Plenity lacks in this area. Not a great start for our hands on Plenity review!

Typically when prescription products fail to provide a complete list of ingredients, there’s only one reason. Most likely, Plenity contains inactive ingredients that pose a potential health risk to users. Either that, or the ingredients don’t provide any significant benefits when it comes to weight management.

Upon studying their website, their FAQ page warns against taking Plenity if you’re allergic to gelatine, titanium dioxide, and sodium stearyl fumarate. It’s probably wise to assume that these are at least three of the inactive ingredients contained in this weight management drug.

After a bit of research, we discovered something that was somewhat alarming. In Europe, a country with tighter regulatory compliance measures, titanium dioxide is banned as a food additive because of a genotoxicity issue.

We couldn’t find any further information, but it certainly isn’t an attractive way to begin your first interaction with a weight loss pill. Let’s focus on the active ingredients that Plenity does disclose on its website.

Active Ingredients in Plenity

The makers of Plenity highlight only two active ingredients – cellulose and citric acid. Cellulose is a plant fiber found in almost every vegetable or fruit. There’s nothing groundbreaking or cutting-edge about cellulose, and Plenity certainly isn’t the only place you can find it.

Citric acid is just as common as cellulose and is found in most citrus fruits and a handful of other products. It doesn’t seem like there’s much to write home about when it comes to the active ingredients, and really no clear proof it helps you lose excess weight.

However, the makers claim that the combination of these two ingredients reacts with water to create a full feeling to promote appetite control. There’s no reason to question the validity of these claims, but if this is their secret to success, we’re beginning to wonder why you need a prescription to obtain Plenity.

Clinical Trials – Plenity Before and After

The makers of Plenity forked over the money for a clinical trial, comparing their weight-loss product effects to those of a placebo. Results demonstrated that individuals taking Plenity experienced higher losses during their weight loss journey than with the placebo.

The results were marginal but still enough to present in a statistical manner showing a clear advantage for Plenity. If you ask us, the study was flawed from the beginning.

They only accepted participants who had fasting blood glucose levels between 90 and 145 mg/dl, meaning they were pre-diabetic or full-blown diabetic. Because the treatment works on people with diabetes who already have an affinity for quick weight loss when their appetite is reduced, it doesn’t mean it works in someone with a healthy biological makeup.

However, Plenity doesn’t openly disclose this on their website. They also don’t disclose the placebo, which is very important during weight loss clinical research.

Possible Side Effects of Plenity

When the study mentioned side effects, there weren’t any contrasts between Plenity and the placebo. However, that doesn’t mean potentially unwanted results are non-existent. Their website lists potential side effects as:

·        Abdominal pain

·        Bloating

·        Flatulence

·        Fullness

The side effects are minor, and their cause may be a regular fiber intake. For us, this was one of the only positives of Plenity.

The Bottom Line On Plenity

In our opinion, Plenity offers little in the way of groundbreaking weight loss that you can’t experience from simple diet changes or other weight loss supplements. The equivalent of the weight loss experienced by users during clinical research would be a fiber-heavy diet.

When you consume foods rich in fiber, you feel fuller quicker. This often leads to a steady but noticeable weight loss over time.

Do you need weight loss medications to experience this level of weight loss? In our opinion, no. Is it necessary to spend $98 per month on the results obtained from Plenity? Absolutely not.

We believe it would be just as easy to gain an equally beneficial weight loss experience by increasing your whole food fiber intake and more significant amounts of water. Quite frankly, Plenity is a waste of time and money for overweight and obese adults looking for a change.

It’s not that we believe these prescription “weight loss pills” will lead to health challenges – but you can obtain the same benefits by increasing your rice and broccoli intake.

Luckily, we’ve recently tested some effective weight loss aids that provide more effective results than Plenity. The first, ShredCBD, is one of our favorite weight-loss products in general, and the second, LeanBean, is optimized for women’s weight loss.

Natural Alternatives to Plenity

Consider the following natural alternatives to Plenity if you’re in the market to lose a moderate amount of weight.

ShredCBD – #1 Rated Plenity Alternative

ShedCBD is a unique weight-loss supplement that promotes fat-burning using an unorthodox ingredient. However, the makers have proven the effectiveness of CBD when it comes to weight loss, and we couldn’t be more pleasantly surprised.

So how exactly does ShredCBD work?

Primary Functions

ShredCBD works by taking the following actions in the body:

·        It targets difficult areas of stored fat that you usually wouldn’t reach with regular dieting and exercise. Scientific research proves that CBD mimics the oxidation of fat, which is precisely what’s needed to burn difficult deposits throughout the body.

·        CBD also ramps up the total amount of calories you burn. This is done by stimulating a higher number of mitochondria.

·        Besides burning difficult areas of fat and increasing the metabolism, ShredCBD also stops you from additional weight gain by preventing unwanted fat storage.  

·        ShredCBD also helps you reduce the total number of calories you take in by helping control your appetite and making you feel fuller.

·        One of the primary functions is to promote a calming, relaxed feeling that leads to more restful sleep. This results in more control over your energy levels and improved exercise performance.

CBD isn’t the only powerful ingredient contained in this fantastic supplement. Unlike Plenity, ShredCBD provides full disclosure of its complete ingredient list.

ShredCBD Ingredients

The following ingredients work together to provide users with a surprisingly effective weight loss option:

CBD Extract

ShredCBD provides 20mg of CBD isolate in every serving. This isolate is 99% pure and is proven to increase metabolism, help control your appetite, increase fat oxidation, and reduce inflammation. Many people assume CBD is only made for pain and anxiety. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Plenty of studies point to CBD’s ability to promote effective weight loss in several ways, and this supplement is a clear demonstration of those abilities.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is a staple in most weight loss supplements. This herb is loaded with antioxidants and natural caffeine and is considered a great complement to CBD when used for weight loss and fitness. The minimal amounts of naturally occurring caffeine also help avoid harmful crash periods while giving you just enough energy to kickstart your workout.

Garcinia Cambogia

This fruit extract contains high levels of hydroxy citric acid, helping to prevent your body from storing unwanted fat.

We believe the combination of powerful ingredients in ShredCBD gives you a chance to lose a significant amount of weight. Don’t take our word for it – order ShredCBD from the official website.

LeanBean – Plenity Alternative with Stimulants

If you need an effective weight loss product for women, LeanBean could provide the answers you’re looking for. This supplement uses green coffee beans in a powerful formula perfectly balanced for female biology.

The makers of LeanBean did their homework on the exact ingredients that work best with a woman’s body. They produced a formula that’s highly tailored and optimized for weight loss in women with no filler ingredients.

LeanBean Ingredients

The makers of LeanBean list the ingredients openly on their website, and they include:

·        Glucomannan

·        Choline (increases metabolism)

·        Chromium picolinate (maintains glucose levels)

·        Vitamins B6 and B12 (maintain energy)

·        Chloride (promotes healthy digestion)

·        Zinc (supports healthy muscles)

·        Green coffee (rich in antioxidants)

·        Turmeric (thermogenesis for fat burning)

·        Garcinia cambogia (targets stored fat and unwanted weight gain)

·        Acai berry

·        Piperine (helps bioavailability of turmeric)

All of the ingredients in LeanBean are backed by clinical research pointing to their effectiveness in healthy weight loss regimens, specifically in women. We understand it’s more difficult for women to lose weight than men – head to the LeanBean website to give this incredible supplement a shot.

If you’ve been thinking about Plenity, our best advice is to find a suitable alternative. ShredCBD and LeanBean provide clinically-backed benefits that potentially provide far more significant results than Plenity for a much lower price.

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