Welcome to our “Monthly Mini Feature”, we are highlighting different local artisans and crafters who have been busy imagining, creating, dreaming, and doing!

Our Maker of the Month for June 2022 is Lonnie Harkins!

Lonnie’s work caught our eye at a recent Pop-Up Show “Artists in Leonardtown” this past First Friday Weekend of May 2022. We had a chance to meet this amazing artist, learn about his work, and even see an “in-action” demonstration!

Harkins is a multi-talented artist who enjoys photography (including astrophotography), pottery, jewelry making, and perhaps most of all – scratch art. He is hard to miss at any given Calvert Artists’ Guild show, just look for the trademark top hat!

Also referred to as “scratchboard” and “engraving art”, scratch art is a method used to create an image utilizing sharp tools and a special board with a top black surface layer and an underlying white area.

Lonnie’s work is based on making small intentional cuts in a variety of patterns, shapes, and depths in order to achieve the desired outcome; much detail and planning are involved in each and every completed piece. He embarked on this art form when introduced to it through a fellow artist from the Calvert Artists’ Guild, and was quickly hooked!

Harkins explained that he will often use a photo or drawing which serves as a general guide for his current project, with the end product taking a life of its own as reflected by his choice of tools and techniques.

Each project is truly one-of-a-kind with smaller and simpler designs created in a matter of hours, and upwards to days and weeks required for the more complex and larger works.

Through the use of an X-ACTO knife and a variety of sharp tools in addition to a steel wool pad, brushes of a variety of sizes, engravers points, and at times water-based inks to add color, Harkins is able to create his designs, one etch at a time, into an array of amazing finished products.

Although some of his favorite subjects are animals such as tropical fish, exotic tigers, majestic lions, cougars, and an assortment of domestic pets, Lonnie’s portfolio has also included a portrait of a woman with praying hands, emu, hotrod cars, snails, mushrooms, macaws, and much more!

Harkins enjoys the “portability” of scratch art and that it utilizes relatively few materials and is easily transported to shows and events where he can work and share his methods with others.

Lonnie served exactly “twenty years and two weeks” in the United States Navy before retiring and entering a second career in the civilian sector where he currently works full-time. Despite his busy work schedule and also being an active member in the Calvert Artists’ Guild (CAG), Harkins still finds time for creating and sharing his work with others.

Our featured artist now resides in Southern Maryland along with his wife Deb (also an artist!). Lonnie currently serves as the Show Coordinator for the CAG.

Find Lonnie’s artwork at:

Artworks @7th – 8905 Chesapeake Avenue, North Beach, MD. Click here for Gallery info and hours of operation.

For upcoming Calvert Artists’ Guild events, be sure to visit the CAG website for details and the current schedule.

  • July 23rd & 24th – Summer Art Show – at the Southern Maryland Sailing Association in Solomons, MD.
  • August & September 2022 – calvART Gallery Show (110 South Solomons Island Rd, Prince Frederick, MD) in partnership w/ The Arts Council of Calvert County.

To inquire about any of the pieces below or to place a special order contact, Lonnie, by email at: lonnieharkins@upinthecellar.us.

Please note that some of the scratch art pieces featured below may be sold already, however custom orders and special requests are welcomed!

To view Lonnie’s photography work and read his bio visit: www.upinthecellar.us

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