On the Facebook Group page of Chesapeake Ranch Estates, a resident has posted an image of an Anti-Semitic flier in a plastic zip-lock bag filled with rocks in their driveway. Several other residents have responded saying they found them also.

Credit: Lanita Long

This is not the first time bigoted messaging has shown up in Calvert County. In January 2022 fliers were found proclaiming “Dr. King’s ‘dream’ has come true. Blacks and whites are miscegenation, destroying both races. The communist Jews are enjoying it immensely.” They were found in Dunkirk, MD. The message is attributed to the “Loyal White Knights,” who also added two phone numbers and a website.

At the time of this publishing, it is not known the exact number of fliers put out, however, at least three residents have posted they received them. We have reached out to the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office for comment and have not received a response at this time. We will update you with more information as we receive it.

This is a developing story…

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  1. I know who did this. They’ve done hundreds, maybe thousands, of these all over the country this year alone. They call themselves the “Goyim Defense League” and run a website called goyimtv.tv. The ADL says they’re an international White Nationalist Group that focuses on bringing awareness to the systematic replacement of White people in White Nations through immigration. They blame all of this on Jewish Financiers like George Soros and Hansjorg Weiss, Jewish Politicians like Chuck Schumer, Jerry Nadler, and Diane Fienstien, Jewish political appointees like Rachel Levine, Janet Yellen, and Merrick Garland, and Jewish owned press like CNN, NBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. They also blame COVID on the Jewish people who were involved in the vaccine rollout like the director of the CDC Rachel Walensky and Jewish owners and scientists at Pfizer and J&J. They believe that Jews are actively working together to control the world. There are hundreds of news stories on YouTube showing this exact same type of “activism” from Florida to California.

  2. I saw the item as described left in all the driveways of all the houses on Algonquin Saturday morning while I was taking a walk through the neighborhood. When I saw them lying about on every driver, I was curious. Once I found one lying on the street, I picked it up, opened and read what it contained. That was when I realized the the evil therein. It was nauseating.

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