Spend a summer in Maryland, and you will return to this state every summer. Maryland has so much to offer during the hot months, particularly for those who enjoy seafood and festivals. You know it is summer in the state when you find people gathering around a table of hot, steamed crabs and corn, with a mallet in one hand and a cold beer in the other. However, that isn’t all.

Maryland comes to life in summer with traditions and annual events. For instance, the middle jewel of horse racing’s Triple Crown and the Maryland-pride part unofficially marks the beginning of the season. Additionally, the historic towns on the Eastern Shore, Western Maryland woods, and Baltimore are some well-known spots in the state where all the events happen.

In simple words, regardless of whether you are a local or a traveler, Maryland will ensure you have a great summer, indulging in memorable and fun traditions and events. Here are a few Maryland summer traditions returning this summer after being delayed or canceled in recent years due to the COVID-19 guidelines.

1. Air Show

Just before spring transitions into summer, something fantastic happens in the skies of Ocean City, capturing the eyes of people on the beach and boardwalk. The OC Air Show takes place in the first or second week of June, and it is one of the most attended annual events in Maryland.

The event brings together America’s top military and civilian aerial acrobatic acts for a weekend of fabulous flight demos, mesmerizing flight formations, breath-taking stunt shows, daring parachute jumps, and more. Some of the notable acts in the past include the US Navy’s Blue Angel elite flight team, The Geico Skytypers, Air Force Thunderbirds, and the Red Bull Helicopter.

2. County Fairs

Maryland is known nationally for county fairs held during the summer season. County fairs are a great way to enjoy the evening with friends or family, play fun games, enjoy rides, live entertainment, tasty food, and more. The local produce and livestock display will pose to be a great learning experience too.

A few notable county fairs held in Maryland during summer include Kent County Fair, Garret County Agriculture Fair, Somerset County Fair, Howard County Fair, Queen Anne’s County Fair, and The Maryland State Fair. Most of the county fairs are family-friendly, with exhibits, rides, and contests for everyone to enjoy.

Consider getting custom sunglasses or other accessories or attire to match as a troop while exploring the fair for added fun. Alongside adding an edge to your overall appearance, sunglasses protect your eyes from scorching sun rays.

3. Fishing Tournament

Fishing tournaments are plentiful in Maryland during the summer seasons. The RHVFC Guardian of the Pearl Rockfish Tournament and the Ocean City Tuna Tournament is among the many tournaments to get hooked on fishing across the state.

The RHVFC Guardian of the Pearl Rockfish Tournament happens in the charming village of Rock Hall. It promotes heritage, tourism, and fishing while raising funds for the RHVFC that services the village and the surrounding communities.

On the other hand, the Ocean City Tuna Tournament is more famous for its payout of $1,000,000. The three-day event witnesses spectators from across the country who sip on cold cocktails and delicious food, excitedly waiting for the scales to open.

4. Crab Picking

Summer in Maryland isn’t complete without crab picking and eating contests. If you are a local, you might be familiar with the term “Crab Feast”—a tradition in which families across the state take part every summer. If you plan to visit Maryland during summer, make sure you enjoy a good summer crab feast.

As for where you can experience crab picking, consider heading to Schultz’s Crab House, Bo Brooks Restaurant, LP Steamers, or Choptank. In addition, Somers Cove Marina hosts the National Hard Crab Derby in Crisfield is held on Labor Day weekend.

This unique fair features crab picking, eating contests, a carnival, fireworks, and the National Hard Crab Derby, where you can witness numerous crustaceans making their way to the finish line.

5. Festivals

Just like county fairs, festivals are also plenty in Maryland throughout summer and the year. Some of the notable festivals you should consider participating in include the National Folk Festival, the Madonnari Arts Festival, and the 4th of July celebrations.

As the name suggests, the National Folk Festival celebrates traditional music, dance, crafts, and food. On the other hand, the Annual Little Italy Baltimore Madonnari Arts Festival bring artists together who portray their creativity on the specific year’s theme. Lastly, the 4th of July Celebrations happen across Maryland with fireworks, music, and food.

Spend the Summer in Maryland

Whether you wish to sail, build sandcastles, enjoy steamed crabs, or do something entirely unique, Maryland won’t disappoint you. Summer is a great time to be in the state and indulges in all its traditions. In Maryland, your imagination is your only summer’s limit!

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