No matter the type of vehicle you drive, it is your responsibility to drive safely as it ensures your safety and everyone around you. Whether you have been driving for decades or have just started, reviewing safety driving tips and basic traffic rules can ensure a safe driving experience. Read on as we share with you proven tips to ensure everyone’s safety on the road.

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Avoid Drinking and Driving

A majority of road traffic accidents occur due to driving after consumption of alcohol above the set limit. Most accidents due to drunk driving can result in life-threatening consequences. When out for a party, you might be intimidated that a few drinks would not do much harm, but even low blood alcohol levels can affect the response time, decrease coordination, and block the senses. All this can lead to the driver making choices that can put everyone’s life in danger.

If you have been drinking, it is best to not drive at all. Ask a friend to drive you home or call a cab. Reviewing the drinking limits will let you understand the amount of alcohol you can consume while staying sober. Nevertheless, avoiding drinking altogether is the key that will save you from the life-threatening consequences of drinking and driving.

Avoiding Distractions

The use of cell phones and digital devices is banned in most states across the U.S. Using a cell phone while driving might seem like a harmless activity, but the number of accidents involving cell phone use tells otherwise. A research study conducted on a massive pool of experienced drivers used controlled settings to figure out the effects of cell phone use while driving. The study concluded that no matter the age or driving experience, cell phone use can cause the reaction time to drop by 20%.

Cell phones are not the only distractions while driving. Tuning into your favorite radio station, interacting with accompanying passengers, and eating are some other road distractions that should be completely avoided. Keeping your eyes on the road is crucial to ensuring a safe driving experience.

Avoid Driving When Sleepy

Drowsiness and feeling sleepy are factors that can contribute to an accident. Even on an empty highway, a drowsy driver can lose focus and drift off to either side of the road. Folsom is a city bustling with traffic. If you have encountered an accident due to the negligence of someone else, remember that you are entitled to file a personal injury claim for your loss. If you live in California, you can find a reliable Folsom car accident lawyer by searching the internet and reading reviews, and testimonials to ensure you get the best results when filing for a personal injury claim. If you still feel confused, consider getting recommendations from peers and meet your lawyer in person before hiring them to represent you in court.

Whenever you feel drowsy or sleepy, it is best to stop at a nearby resting area or park your vehicle at a safe location for a quick nap. Furthermore, remember to take at least 8 hours of sleep before the day you will be driving so you don’t feel sleepy on the road. While driving, if you still feel drowsy and exhausted, let a friend or family member take over the steering so you can take a break.

Driving in Bad Weather

Before you start your journey, contact the local traffic authorities for weather updates or search the internet to see a weather forecast to prepare accordingly. When driving in bad weather, make sure that you stay under the speed limit, be extra cautious, and maintain adequate distance between the vehicle in front of you.

During bad weather when the visibility is minimum, don’t risk driving. Find a safe spot where you can park the vehicle and make sure to turn off the vehicle’s lights as vehicles passing by might recognize your vehicle as moving which could lead to a collision.

Wearing the Seat Belt

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Using a seat belt ensures you don’t fly out of the windshield in case of a collision and land your upper body on the safety airbags. Statistics reveal that individuals who avoid wearing seat belts suffer from severe injuries when compared to the ones who wear a seat belt. Even at low speeds, it is possible to suffer from severe head injuries, broken bones, and much more. Therefore, make it a habit of wearing a seat belt before driving.

Stay safe and drive responsibly by strictly following the tips we shared with you. Lastly, don’t forget to review local traffic rules and regulations so you can avoid running into breaking a traffic law and getting a ticket. Driving responsibly is of utmost importance for yourself as well as the people around you.

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