Downtown businesses will benefit greatly by helping their workers commute and craft supporting policies to encourage it. Employees will get to work on time when they don’t have to deal with rush hours, traffic, and parking problems. We are not talking about corporate sponsorships (though those are great) but policies that will ease the burden on workers.

Here are some more reasons why downtown businesses should help their employees get to and from work:

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1. Enhances Employees’ Health

Your employees’ health should be important to you. They are, after all, the ones who make your company profitable. But did you know that other businesses are actively working to improve the well-being of their employees? The advantages are increased productivity, fewer sick days and absenteeism (which can result in lost revenue), and a better overall quality of life for those working downtown.

This has significant implications for economic growth in cities such as New York City, where there is a surplus of available talent but not enough jobs for everyone.

2. Increases Workers’ Productivity

Workers are less productive because of the long waits and poor service they face while riding the subway or train to get to their jobs. Sometimes there are things that are unavoidable, such as delayed buses or trains. In order to avoid that, employers should seek to find the appropriate measures to ensure that their employees are able to get to work on time and have a productive work day.

As a result of improving their commute, your employees will be happier and more productive during their workdays; this motivates employees and makes them more likely to stay on the job. People who go to work regularly and those who do not, suffer from low morale when they cannot get to their destinations quickly. If you want your employees to be happy at work, ensure there is always room for everyone.

When morale goes up, more people want to work there. Employees who might have left because of bad commutes will be more loyal, and happier workers will take fewer sick days because of stress or emotional exhaustion from waiting a long time between trains, subways, buses, and so on. The benefits are more than just better productivity; they also include higher levels of engagement for both workers and managers since everyone will have less downtime during work hours.

3. Reduces Parking Demand at Your Business

As a downtown business owner, you must be aware of the parking demand in your area. Parking is expensive and difficult to find in congested areas such as downtown Cleveland. Customers may also find it difficult to exit a parking lot after you or they have paid for their spot, especially if two or three people are waiting behind them.

This can be addressed by locating parking services in the area, which will serve as convenient parking spots for your employees or clients. If you are in Ohio, you can also book parking in downtown Cleveland in advance or daily. Furthermore, providing daily parking space for your business would make commuting easier for employees and clients, increasing productivity and profit.

4. Builds Reputation

You understand how important it is to have a good reputation in the community. It is not just about raising your community profile but also about attracting and retaining new talent. Offering commuting incentives to employees can help you retain good employees. Employees are more likely to stay with your company if you provide an incentive for them to drive to work or reserve a parking space (and keep their paychecks coming). Also, offering incentives to employees who live outside of downtown can help attract new talent from surrounding areas while also making it easier for them to get childcare or other assistance during business hours.

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There are numerous advantages to downtown businesses assisting with employee transportation. Society will also benefit from increased mobility while helping combat global threats such as environmental damage, pollution, and so on. When traffic congestion is minimized or controlled to the greatest extent possible, it will also minimize the release of some hazardous substances into the atmosphere.

If you own a downtown business and want to help your employees commute safely and efficiently, ensure they have access to public transportation options to get them where they need to go. Consider forming a partnership, renting parking space, or installing bike racks on your property so employees can ride their bikes to work if necessary. Finally, consider offering flexible work schedules so employees can do other things during peak commuting times (such as lunch breaks).

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