After losing his home last December because his owners moved, Cameron still hopes someone will spring him from the shelter and make him part of their family.

**** Adoption fees are waived *****

Cameron at BCAS in Baldwin

Cameron has so much to offer for the right family but is overlooked day in and day out 

This sweet boy has been in the shelter all year. He was surrendered last December because his family moved. After not getting interested in BCAS, he was transferred to a shelter in South MD. Still, they are also bursting at the seams, and he continued to be overlooked there as well, so now he is back at the Baltimore county shelter in Baldwin…every day, just wishing and hoping that someone will give him a forever home.

Poor boy

Arriving on 12/20/2021, yes, you read that right, he has managed to take his long stay with grace. His people moved and couldn’t take him.

He lived with children; with his energy, kids would do best over 12 years old. This 6.5-year-old guy has no idea he isn’t a pup.

  • he’s entertaining
  • loves life
  • energetic and very interested in his surroundings
  • leans in for some love
  • zoomies are a favorite of his
  • lots of personality
  • only pet to get all of Cameron’s love


BCAS, 13800 Manor Road, Baldwin, MD

  • Hours: 12-5 pm Tuesday through Sunday
  • Fees are waived right now
  • No appointment is necessary

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