The academic schedule these days is always hectic with urgent deadlines and grading rubrics that sound just like those Ancient Egypt mysteries! It is one of the reasons why approaching a legit research paper writing service online seems to be the most efficient method to avoid plagiarism and finally get your research paper finished on time. Contrary to the popular belief, it is not cheating but a way to learn differently and finally see a good example of how to approach your task or to understand what’s being asked. As you contact research paper writers, you are dealing with true professionals who can assist you with anything from topic selection to the final proofreading and the sources for the references.

5 Top-Rated Legit Research Paper Writing Services in 2022

Exploring The Background. The company’s history traces back to 2014 when a team of experienced academic researchers and enthusiasts decided to create a service that would help college students achieve success and overcome challenges. They are one of the most reliable solutions to consider as they offer various blog posts and a plethora of helpful information.

– Are They Reliable? They are second to none when it comes to reliability because they let you talk to your writer directly and have various quality levels, depending on what you need. Every write my research paper request is handled individually and you can discuss things before you make payment. There are also free revisions and safe payment methods. The types of academic help include general essay writing, research papers, creative work, term papers, personal statement writing, and dissertations among other things.

Paper’s Quality Test. We have tested the “Gold” writers feature to see how their Top 50 writers would cope with a rather complex Psychology assignment in the state of Maryland. There are many subjects that you can start with and professional editing services as well. Since it has been specific, we had a short discussion with a writer who was eager to take notes before the actual start of work. The final essay has been flawless and contained relevant sources. There were no plagiarism or grammar issues. No extra revisions were necessary. The content’s quality has been professional and our experts were truly impressed with the outcome. Most importantly, the paper has been delivered on time.

– Affordability. Regardless if you are requesting a term paper writing service or need to come up with a credible thesis statement for your paper, the prices will depend on the writer’s level and the submission date. If you need something urgent, the prices will rise. Their standard delivery prices start at $13.99, which is quite competitive compared to some other services in the market.

– Online Reviews. They have a good reputation online and are well-represented on most review platforms. They have 4.7 out of 5 points on Sitejabber and Trustpilot combined as their website states. The service is often mentioned on Quora and people praise them for being able to communicate with a chosen writer directly, which is a rare thing to find these days.

– Customer Agents. They are friendly and will assist you with all write my research papers messages and the questions that you may have. They are, indeed, available 24/7 as we have checked them.

– Why Consider Them? They are reliable in terms of timely delivery, zero plagiarism issues, and a great approach that allows you to talk to your writers directly. There are many different subjects and essay types represented, which is another reason to consider them a trusted academic service.

Exploring The Background. The company has been established in 2018 but has already secured its place in the academic community. Based on the information that one can locate online, they are always recommended for serious paper writing, which is mostly because of their attention to detail. They are one of the most responsive online services to consider and will happily consider your suggestions or specific requests.

– Are They Reliable? They have professional research paper writers who will provide you with all types of papers, formatting, structure help, and sources based on your grading rubric. The company is a legit one and provides a good selection of safe payment methods, free revisions, refunds, and plagiarism reports. They are even asking you to pay only when you are happy with the essay. There are many subjects you can consider and the writers truly know their discipline based on our experience. Little more to ask for!

– Paper’s Quality Test. This time we decided to try out luck with a journalistic research paper on the Black Lives Matter social phenomenon. The writing had to be done in Harvard-style format, which is not so common. It ended up well and our paper has been delivered on time. All the sources and formatting have been there. The writer asked for our opinion twice and helped to make the essay perfect. This level of dedication is second to none.

– Affordability. The prices here start at $13.99, yet our price has been a bit higher than that because we also tested the urgent delivery feature. This is exactly the case when you know what you pay for as there are no hidden costs or anything to make you feel concerned.

– Online Reviews. Speaking of reviews of research paper writing service called StudyClerk, we could not find as much feedback as we would find with EduBirdie and there were mostly private or professional reviews, yet the general feedback is positive and the company’s customers are happy in terms of grammar, style adherence, and the general quality.

– Customer Agents. They are always available and ready to provide you with assistance even if you contact them late at night. It doesn’t matter if you need term paper writing services or have trouble with a refund, they will never get angry or irritated. They are friendly and caring.

Why Consider Them? They are one of the best and safe choices for research paper writing, especially if you need those rare formatting styles or specific tasks that will go beyond classic research paper writing. The writer that we have contacted has been helpful and provided all the necessary elements to submit an excellent essay that can earn the highest grades.

 Exploring The Background. It’s time for something different and unique! As we know, some students prefer doing some reading first and exploring the background of the subject before they start with paper writing. This is exactly what this service offers. As the name implies, it is a perfect research guide that is offered free of charge along with quality academic writing help. The company has been around for over ten years. What makes them different is their adherence to writing with the help of free guides and relevant research. We could not find such a great selection of free information anywhere else, so if you would like to do some reading first before requesting your paper, it’s the way to go!

Are They Reliable? It is a professional research paper writing service that you will love as soon as you start the cooperation. There are trained experts that are available online. Since they also work with institutions and colleges, they are a legit service to consider without any concerns. As always, there are free revisions and refunds that will keep you safe. If you have never used any online writing help services, A Research Guide might be a good start!

– Paper’s Quality Test. Our test paper has been related to the Business Marketing situation in Syracuse, New York. We have intentionally tried a specific topic to make things more challenging. Our cooperation started with a conversation as the support agent made sure that they understand our requirements correctly. It was a pleasant feature that has helped us to add comments and ensure that everything is accurate. The final paper has been delivered on time and had no issues. As one of the best research writing service options, they do not disappoint!

– Affordability. They are a bit more expensive at $14.99 per page, yet if you consider all the services that you are getting, it is totally worth it! Think about all the free features that they provide you and it will make it a safe choice to consider!

– Online Reviews. You might not be able to find hundreds of reviews online as you seek information about this company. Still, their website tells about their positive experience and lists their awards and the level of recognition. The feedback that we could find has been detailed and positive as the quality of their free materials shows what is to be expected.

– Customer Agents. They have a friendly online chat feature where you can talk to the company’s experts before they will match you with the writers. Our experience has been very good and they are available 24/7.

– Why Consider Them? If you need to do some reading before you start with a research paper or would like to discuss the peculiarities of formatting and essay writing, this company will be your best fit! They may be a bit expensive for some customers, yet they provide you with one of the best research writers and free reading materials that will help you to learn by templates and examples.

– Exploring The Background. The Nordic bunch has not provided much information about the date of their establishment, yet they have been around at least for two years based on positive customer feedback. They are one of the safest choices to buy research papers according to high school students as they provide assistance that is always timely and filled with helpful explanations. They are represented on many review websites and belong to those companies that provide every type of writing help!

– Are They Reliable? As one of the legit and the best research paper writing services in USA, they are one of the most affordable without any quality deterioration. The presence of refunds and free revisions also help a lot. The reviews claim that they are reputable and always help first-year college students or those individuals who need a mixture of excellent papers and explanations of the grading rubric. They are also reliable when it comes to creative writing and presentations.

– Paper’s Quality Test. We have tested this service with a paper on Fashion Studies and Marketing. Since we were dealing with a specific topic, we were a little bit concerned with the outcome, yet our writer did not fail the assignment and delivered an excellent paper. All the formatting and editing have been top-notch! Asking for a free revision for the sake of testing has resulted in immediate assistance and friendliness. We did not encounter any plagiarism issues just like the majority of online reviewers.  

– Affordability. As a cheap research paper service, Vikings offer you the best bang for the buck because their prices start at only $9.99 per page. It is probably the reason why they are quickly becoming so popular. If your order is urgent, the final prices will increase, yet starting at the low price, you will be satisfied in the end.

– Online Reviews. They have 4 stars on Trustpilot and 5 stars on Sitejabber. They do not delete those negative reviews or complaints as many famous writing companies do. They always reply to the comments and ask their customers about ways how they can improve their service. The happy clients talk about the free revisions that are always performed on time and the refunds that actually work!

– Customer Agents. They have an online chat that is always available. Their customer support team knows their job well and will always assist you with anything from the best payment methods to helping you understand the benefits of their professional paper writing service help. They are always friendly and helpful!

– Why Consider Them? If you want to choose an affordable service that works or consider creative writing in your research paper, EssayVikings is the company to consider. The online reviews that they have shown that they have reliable writers, offer legit services, and always do their best to provide professional help without breaking the bank!

Exploring The Background. The company has been established in 2017 and provides academic help services not only in the United States but also in Australia and the United Kingdom. If you are looking for a specific research task that deals with the British territory or Australian culture, you will have even more luck if you contact their respective branches. Based on our location, we have tested their American writers.

Are They Reliable? Out of all the research paper writing companies that we have tested for this review, they are the best choice in terms of editing and proofreading. They are a legit service that offers free revisions, refunds, and several free tools that will help to check your paper for plagiarism and a grammar checker. Since these are being offered free of charge, it is a benefit to consider.

Paper’s Quality Test. We have tested this service with an accounting paper that is dealing with cryptocurrencies and data science analysis. Our writer has coped with the task well. We have received a flawless paper that contained zero plagiarism and has been written by a native English speaker. The structure and formatting have been very good. The editing alone makes it worth the price of admission!

Affordability. They belong to affordable research paper writer services as they charge $12.99 per page. The prices will increase if you have an urgent order, yet this company has no trouble working with tight deadlines, as most reviews show. Their editing prices start at $5.5 per page.

Online Reviews. There are over 200 online reviews of this writing service from all over the world with 4.38 out of 5 stars. There are very few negative reviews and these are related to misunderstandings with the writers that can happen to any company if the grading rubric has not been shared in full.

Customer Agents. They have US, UK, and USA customer service helplines and always remain available. If you need, you can contact them via email, phone, or online chat, which is always available.

Why Consider Them? As one of the top-rated research paper services, they are a legit company with a good reputation and affordable prices. If you need something British or Australian-based, check them out!


– Can someone find out if I buy the research paper online?

Since you are dealing with a legit service, you are not risking anything except for the clarity and quality of your paper, depending on the writer. A legit research paper service is meant to assist you with your academic challenges. You should read and check the paper and study it extensively, so your college professor sees that you did your homework!  

– Are these paper writing services legit?

Yes, all of the entries that we have explored represent legit services that can help you with your grading rubric and all types of academic writing requests. They are safe to use and consider when you need assistance. As we approached each online research paper writing service on our list, we checked their user agreements and privacy pages to make sure that you are dealing with an established company that provides quality services.

– How can I locate genuine research paper writing service reviews?

The majority of them are located at Sitejabber and Trustpilot. There are also testimonials that you can meet on the website of the service you are using. Look for those reviews where the company actually replies, so you can see how they respond to the problems (if there are any) as people discuss their experience with the research paper writing help. It’s also possible to search on Quora and Reddit.

– Are research paper writing services worth checking?

If you are running out of time or need someone to proofread your research paper, turning for help 24/7 is a great solution to consider. It is also possible to request an expert and have an experienced person in your subject to check for plagiarism issues and formatting.

– What is the best research paper writing service to consider?

It is always depending on what you would like to achieve and your perception of “the best”. Based on the positive reviews and experience in the field, we have chosen five of the best research paper writing services that are most suitable for demanding students and various subjects.

– How can I hire the best paper writer online?

Look for the user profiles and consider those services that provide you with an opportunity to talk to your writer first. It will help you to determine whether your writer understands your objectives and fits your writing style.

Making Your Research Paper Accurate

As a rule, when you are finishing your research paper or working on your conclusion part, it is essential to sum things up and restate your thesis before you either turn to a call to action or discuss further ways regarding what additional research can be done. If you are in doubt about the clarity of the final part, talk to your research paper writer, and don’t forget about the free revisions that are offered by the aforementioned services. If something makes you feel concerned and worried, request a free revision and mention those sections that sound weak to you. Based on our experience with the companies listed, all writers should be able to help you overcome confusion and see why this or that sentence is there. It is your right to ask questions, so do not ignore this part as you are simply making your paper more accurate and improving the overall readability. Every legitimate research paper writing company will provide you with free revisions and address your concerns as it is precisely what they should be aiming for!

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