An ever-increasing number of people are searching for high-quality CBD oils due to their several potential health benefits.

Unfortunately, the unregulated nature of the market and the large number of options make it incredibly challenging to find genuine and reliable products. That’s why we decided to review some of the best brands on the market in detail.

These reviews will make it easy for you to select the option most suitable for your requirements.

Top 3 CBD Oils In Canada

1. CBDNorth – Overall Best CBD Oil In The Market

2. CBD Magic – Recommended Organic CBD Oil For Anxiety

3. Plant Of LifeBest CBD Oil For Pain Relief

#1. CBDNorth – Overall Best CBD Oil In The Market


Any discussion regarding the top CBD brands in Canada is incomplete without mentioning the CBDNorth brand, and for good reason. One of the most popular companies on the market, this brand is known for its range of premium quality CBD products that promise an amazing experience for everyone.

Among the various reasons that make CBDNorth such a popular choice for many customers is its selection of the highest quality ingredients in the manufacturing process. The brand sources its hemp extracts from plants grown locally using organic farming techniques. Similarly, the MCT oil, which is used as carrier oil, is obtained from clean and reliable sources.

Because of the impressive quality of these ingredients, all the products from CBDNorth are highly potent and may help in dealing with a wide range of conditions. These may include chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and many others. Speaking of its range, the brand offers an excellent selection of products which include CBD oils, topicals, gummies, and even products for pets.

On top of that, all of these products are sent to independent third-party laboratories for testing. These labs test the products for purity and potency, and the brand provides complete reports on its website. Customers can go through these reports to learn about the purity of the products and the ingredients that have gone into the manufacturing process.

Another thing that helps the brand stand out from the crowd is the fact that CBDNorth aims to help promote the CBD industry as a whole. That is why it provides an educational section on its website where customers can learn about CBD and its potential benefits for humans and pets.  


  • 100% organic ingredients
  • Multiple potency options
  • No THC
  • No artificial additives
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Free shipping on orders above $99
  • Assistance Program


  • No subscription program


A. Natural Ingredients

CBDNorth has the distinction of being one of the few brands in the Canadian CBD industry that rely only on the purest and most natural ingredients. It uses 100% natural ingredients such as hemp extract, which is obtained from reliable farms that only use organic farming techniques.

This ensures that the finished products do not contain harmful fertilizers and pesticides, making them safe options. And, because of these completely natural ingredients, the full-spectrum CBD oil from the brand is very potent. So, it may be highly beneficial in alleviating body pain, symptoms of depression and anxiety, and other health problems.

B. Multiple Cannabinoids

CBDNorth’s full-spectrum CBD oil contains the entire array of cannabinoids present in the hemp plant. These include CBG, THC, CBDV, and all the flavonoids and terpenes, making it highly effective. Additionally, it allows you to experience the benefits of the entourage effect, which is only possible with full-spectrum products.

The entourage effect could help in pain management, improve sleep, and reduce general discomfort and extreme stress.

C. No Artificial Flavors

Besides using the highest quality ingredients, CBDNorth is known for its manufacturing processes and techniques. This is because it does not use any artificial flavors or synthetic additives in the process which can compromise the overall quality of the products. Artificial compounds can reduce the potency of the oil and may also affect your health adversely.

Due to the absence of such harmful chemicals, the full-spectrum CBD oil is highly potent and may be very effective in dealing with various health problems.

D. Multiple Potency Options

Since people have different requirements, CBDNorth offers its full-spectrum CBD oil in several potency options, which is another reason it is the best CBD oil in Canada. These include 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 2000 mg options. Customers can easily select the option they are most comfortable with.

For beginners, it is recommended to start with a lower potency option, which can later be increased as required. However, make sure to consult a physician before you start taking CBD.

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#2. CBD Magic – Recommended Organic CBD Oil For Anxiety


Another reputable brand, famous for its high-quality CBD products is CBD Magic, which specializes in full-spectrum CBD oil and water-soluble CBD products. This brand is dedicated to ensuring easy access to high-quality CBD products for all Canadians at affordable prices.

Founded by a team of experts with over 20 years of combined experience in the industry, CBD Magic is constantly engaged in research activities to develop innovative products and technologies. This has enabled the company to utilize the water-soluble CBD nanotechnology in a better manner than other brands, making its offerings much more effective.

Such technologies help promote better health and also help promote the CBD industry as a whole. And, the brand has one of the largest selections of CBD products on the market, including tinctures, oils, creams, capsules, vapes, and more. Also, all of these are separated into different categories on the website depending upon the problem they are meant to resolve.

This makes it incredibly easy for customers to find what they are looking for without wasting time or effort.

CBD Magic is also known for providing affordable solutions, but it doesn’t stop there. The brand also offers a subscription program that allows you to buy conveniently and save more. Setting up a subscription is easy and allows customers to get a discount of 20% on their purchases. And, you can pause or cancel the subscription at any time without any hassle.

Finally, an entire section is dedicated to providing customers and other parties with information regarding CBD. This section contains a wide range of articles about the benefits and uses of CBD, helping more people adopt CBD as a trustworthy solution.


  • Completely organic ingredients
  • Wide range of CBD products
  • Subscription program
  • Educational articles
  • Multiple flavor options
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • 30-day refund option


  • No entourage effect


A. Organic Ingredients

CBDMagic is among the best options if you are looking for organic CBD oil. The brand sources its ingredients like hemp oil from highly reliable farms do not use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. This makes its CBD oil safer and more potent than many other options on the market.

That is why products of this brand may offer several potential benefits, such as improved sleep, reduced pain and anxiety, and improved focus, without any adverse effects. What’s more, using organic ingredients for its products also makes CBDMagic an excellent choice for those who want to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

B. Several Potency And Flavor Options

Another thing that makes this the best CBD oil in Canada is that it is available in multiple flavors and potency options. This oil is available in 500 mg, 1000 mg, 2000 mg, 3000 mg, and 4000 mg potency options, and original and peppermint flavors.

Beginners just starting their CBD journey can go with lower potency options like the 500 mg oil. As for the flavors, the original flavor is ideal for those who take CBD by adding the oil to their shakes or smoothies. On the other hand, the peppermint one is suitable if you consume the oil directly.  

C. Third-Party Testing

All products manufactured by CBD Magic are sent to third-party laboratories which conduct rigorous testing of their potency and purity. These reports are published on the website and can easily be accessed by all customers.

This allows you to learn about how potent the CBD oil is, as well as the ingredients that have been used to manufacture it. And, it makes it easy to know whether a particular product is suitable for your requirements or not.

D. Multiple Potential Benefits

The full-spectrum CBD oil from CBD Magic offers several potential benefits that can help improve your life effectively. It contains natural full-spectrum distillate extracted using ethanol which could help alleviate body pains and aches, reduce inflammation, and improve sleep. Similarly, MCT oil contains saturated fats, which may provide an instant energy source.

Finally, the hemp seed oil contains omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, which could improve brain and heart health, and may also nourish the skin.  

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#3. Plant Of Life– Best CBD Oil For Pain Relief


While most brands in the CBD industry are focused only on making a quick buck, Plant Of Life Is not among them. This brand takes a different approach to promote CBD products for better health and wellbeing. Instead of focusing only on selling CBD items, it aims to promote greater awareness regarding the entire industry and educate customers about the importance of CBD.

Due to this, the Toronto-based brand has become a favorite choice for many customers. The company also maintains the highest quality standards while manufacturing its products, which is why it uses only the finest ingredients for the purpose. Instead of using imported hemp like unreliable brands, Plant Of Life Sources its hemp from local farms that are known for their quality.

The manufacturing process also does not involve the use of any artificial additives that can affect the quality of the final product. This ensures that they are highly potent and completely safe for use. Also, the products undergo third-party testing by independent labs, and the brand publishes these reports on its website to provide customers with complete information and maintain transparency.

Furthermore, to enable customers to purchase its products easily, Plant Of Life Offers certain programs. These include the Resolve Cares and Resolve Rewards programs. Under the Resolve Cares program, the brand provides a discount of 25% on all whole-plant hemp oil products, allowing customers to enjoy the various potential benefits of CBD.

Similarly, the Resolve Rewards program allows customers to earn points on purchases, which can then be used for coupons to help them get huge discounts. The company also offers free shipping on orders over $65, improving the overall experience.


  • Non-psychoactive CBD oils
  • Financial assistance program
  • High-quality natural ingredients
  • Free shipping on orders over $65
  • Educational blog on CBD
  • Human and pet dosage guide
  • Independent lab reports


  • No refund or return option


A. High-quality Manufacturing

In many cases, even using the best ingredients does not guarantee that the finished product will be effective. This is because the quality also depends upon the manufacturing process. That’s why Plant Of Life is among the best brands in the industry since it uses the finest techniques and technologies to manufacture its products.

This means that apart from using only natural ingredients, it does not add artificial chemicals or synthetic preservatives to its oil. This ensures that the quality of the CBD oil is unaffected, and you can enjoy all its potential benefits without any worries.

B. Independent Lab Reports

Like the best brands in the industry, Plant Of Life makes a conscious effort to build a relationship based on trust with its customers. And, the best way to do that is to provide them with complete product information. That’s why it provides lab reports of all its products on its website, which customers can access.

These reports are prepared by independent laboratories that test the oil thoroughly for potency and purity and provide reliable reports of the same. Additionally, you can use these reports to learn about the various cannabinoids and other components present in the oil, making it easy to decide which option to go with.

C. Dosage Guide

Customers are often confused regarding the dosage when taking CBD, especially if they haven’t tried such products before. To help them out, Plant Of Life provides a detailed dosage guide on its website that makes it easy to know the dosage most suitable for them.

The dosage is calculated by taking into account your weight, based upon which the oil is separated into three categories. These include mild, strong, and moderate options, each suitable for a specific range of body weights.

D. Multiple Potency Options

While many brands offer CBD oil only in a single potency option, this is not the case with Resolve CBD. Its full-spectrum CBD oil is available in five potency options, ranging from 500 mg to 5000 mg. However, the brand recommends new users to start with the lower potency options, allowing the body to get used to it before increasing the potency.

Also, at the risk of overstating ourselves, we’d like to reiterate that it is best to consult a physician regarding CBD usage.

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How We Made This Best CBD Oil Canada List

Preparing this guide on the best CBD oil in Canada required a significant investment of time, effort, and resources on our part. And, the biggest reason for this was a large number of options available on the market. Most of these came from brands that focused on making a quick buck without focusing on customer needs.

That is why we focused only on the most reputable companies that had a large customer base and were known to provide quality products. But, this still left a lot of options to consider, so the research team came up with certain parameters upon which these brands would be judged. Some of these factors included customer reviews, brand reputation, and overall popularity.

For this list, we preferred brands that had an impressive reputation and were incredibly popular with the customers, and eliminated the rest of the options. Then, it was time to look at other aspects, such as the ingredients and their sourcing, the manufacturing processes, and third-party test reports. Again, brands that use organic ingredients and avoid using preservatives and additives were preferred. These were also the brands that published the reports of independent tests on their websites.

Before proceeding to the next stage, we also had to consider other aspects such as customer support, potency and flavor options, pricing, and refund policies. Finally, to get a better picture of the remaining best CBD oil canada wide brands, we decided to consult various interested parties. This included the manufacturers themselves, their customers, and industry experts.

This lengthy process allowed us to come up with the top three brands we’ve mentioned in this review. Here are some of the parameters we have considered when making the list:

  • Sourcing and quality of ingredients
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Third-party testing
  • Customer reviews
  • Brand value
  • Company policies
  • Flavor and potency options

Buyer’s Guide: Facts Before Buying Best CBD Oil Canada

When it comes to products like CBD oil, there is no such thing as too much information. In fact, the more information you have, the easier it becomes to select the most suitable option. And, this information includes certain factors which need to be considered when buying such a product.

In this section, we’ve mentioned some of these factors that you should keep in mind before making a decision, so check them out below.

1. Sourcing Of The Ingredients

The ingredients and their sourcing are the most important factors that determine the quality and effectiveness of any CBD oil. When surveying the market for such products, look for options containing ingredients from reliable sources. The best brands, such as those mentioned in this review, generally source their ingredients like hemp and MCT oil from local Canadian farms that utilize organic farming techniques.

Such farms are generally strictly regulated and follow the established guidelines for hemp production. This ensures that the quality of the product is good and the THC levels are within the permissible limits.

If you cannot ascertain where a brand is sourcing its ingredients from, it is best to avoid it.

2. Types Of CBD Extracts

Brands use different types of CBD extracts to manufacture their CBD oils, with some offering several options while others specialize in a single one. To know which one is best suited for your needs, it is important to learn about these different types of extracts.

There are three types of CBD extracts—full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. Full-spectrum extract contains the entire range of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes present in the hemp extract and can help you experience the benefits of the entourage effect.

It also contains THC, which is responsible for the psychoactive effect that CBD is associated with, but within legal limits.

On the other hand, oils made from the broad-spectrum extract contain all the cannabinoids but do not contain any THC. Finally, the isolate extract is the purest form since it only contains CBD and no other cannabinoids.

3. Ingredients Used

Checking the ingredients list is another vital aspect of selecting the right CBD oil. If the CBD oil you get contains ingredients that are unsuitable, it can lead to problems like allergic reactions or more severe health issues. This is because various manufacturers use different ingredients, which may not be suitable for everyone.

Also, knowing the ingredients can be helpful for people who require gluten-free and vegan options. This is because not all brands offer such options, and many of the oils and tinctures contain animal products.

One easy way of learning about the various ingredients used to manufacture the oil is to check the third-party lab reports. These reports generally list the entire range of ingredients and their quantities.

4. Third-Party Lab Reports

The most reputable brands in the industry have one thing in common. They all make it a point to provide customers with complete information regarding the product, including proof of its authenticity and quality. To do that, they send their range of products to independent third-party laboratories which test their purity and potency levels.

Such brands then provide the results of these tests on their website, making them easily accessible to all customers. Make sure to go through these reports carefully, as they will tell you which ingredients are used in the manufacturing process. And, these reports will also help you learn about the THC levels in the products.

So, before buying from a brand, visit its website and look for these reports. If they are not available, it is best to look for alternatives.

4. THC Levels

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is one of the elements present in hemp extract and is responsible for its psychoactive effects. That is why the law strictly regulates the amount of THC present in CBD products for general use.

According to the law, no such product can have more than 0.3% of THC since this amount is negligible and does not affect the human mind. However, there may be some unscrupulous manufacturers that do not adhere to this limit, in which case you should avoid them.

You can learn about the THC levels present in best CBD oil canada by looking at the packaging or the third-party reports. This information is generally provided on the website of the brand, making it easy to select the right product.

FAQs About CBD Oil In Canada

1. How To Use Full Spectrum CBD Oil And Tinctures?

Oils are among the most commonly available forms of CBD products and are ideal for people who find it difficult to take pills or capsules. They are highly concentrated and easy to take. You only need to place it under the tongue using a dropper, and it will be absorbed by the oral mucosa quickly.

Let the oil rest under your tongue for about 60 seconds, which can make the absorption process faster and more effective. This is because the oil gets absorbed directly via the glands into the blood vessels.

CBD oil can also be added to your food and drink if you do not like to take it separately.

2. Does CBD Oil Have Any Side Effects?

CBD oils from the best brands are generally of very high quality and are thoroughly tested, reducing the chances of any side effects. That is why in most cases, these oils are completely safe. However, in certain cases, some users may experience some side effects, such as fatigue, diarrhea, reduced appetite, and others.

Such effects generally occur when the dosage is not properly followed or if you use poor-quality oils. If such side effects are experienced, stop using the oil immediately and consult your physician.

3. How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil To Work?

It is not easy to know how quickly CBD oil will show results due to the variation in certain factors. These include the different ingredients and manufacturing processes used, the quality of the oil, and differences in users’ physiologies. Additionally, the method by which you take the oil and your body weight will also affect its effectiveness.  

For instance, if you consume CBD oil with your meals, it can take up to an hour for the oil to show any effects. On the other hand, taking it sublingually without any food or drink can take about 20 to 40 minutes for the effects to become visible.

4. What Is The Entourage Effect?

The entourage effect occurs when all of the cannabinoids in hemp extract work together to provide various benefits to the human body. It only occurs when you consume full-spectrum or broad-spectrum oil since these contain the entire range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids in the extract.

All of these become much more effective and potent when they work together rather than when they work alone. That is why it is not possible to experience the benefits of the entourage effect with isolated CBD products since it only contains CBD and no other cannabinoids.

5. What Is The Difference Between Hemp Seed Oil And CBD Oil?

While both hemp oil and CBD oil are derived from the same plant, there are certain differences between the two. While hemp seed oil is manufactured by cold pressing the seeds of the plant, CBD oil is extracted from its leaves, flowers, and stems. Hemp seed oil has more nutritional value, but CBD oil is potentially better for treating various health conditions.

6. How Long Do The Effects Of CBD Oil Last?

In the case of a single dose, the effects of CBD oil generally last around two to eight hours. It means that depending upon your requirements, you may have to take another dose of the oil after the period has passed. But again, you should check the dosage guide and consult a physician before doing so.  

Conclusion – Which CBD Oil Is Best For You?

With more and more people relying on CBD for better health, the market for this impressive product is rapidly growing. But, hopefully, with this guide, you can find the best option for your specific needs quickly. And, the factors mentioned in the buying guide will make the process even easier.

But if you are still confused about which option to go with, we recommend trying out the full-spectrum CBD oil from CBDNorth. It contains completely natural ingredients and is available in multiple potency options. Alternatively, the hemp oil tincture from CBD Magic can be another excellent choice, with its quick absorption formula and different flavor options.

With that said, we’ll now be concluding this guide and wish you the best in selecting the most suitable option.

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