Saturday, October 15th, marked one year since the opening of the Southern Maryland Autonomous Research and Technology (SMART) Building in St. Mary’s County.

The SMART Building is located at the University System of Maryland at Southern Maryland (USMSM) campus in California.

It houses the Maryland Autonomous Technologies Research Innovation and eXploration (MATRIX) Lab, the new hub for autonomous technologies and uncrewed systems research in Southern Maryland.

Researchers, faculty, staff, and students at the University of Maryland (UMD) A. James Clark School of Engineering and its departments can use the underwater, air, and land testing facilities in the SMART Building and MATRIX Lab.

Students are back in the building, taking Electrical & Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering classes. The eventual goal is to hold all UMD electrical engineering program classes at the Southern Maryland campus, virtually or in person.

The building has been used for several events, including visits, student tours, gatherings, and presentations for industry and academic leaders.

There have been four MATRIX Lab job positions since the SMART Building opened in October 2021.

Since opening, the MATRIX Lab has seen some improvements to its Hydrology Lab and Open Air-Land Lab.

The MATRIX team hopes to keep bringing in students and staff and is excited to continue its work to help shape the future.

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