Lexington Park MD., October 27. 2022- After months of preparations, the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum is pleased to announce the new Scouts of America Showcase. The exhibition will display the various portraits of the Scouts throughout the decades as well as photographs capturing the accomplishments of current scouts. But, the exhibit’s centerpiece is Dan Ropp’s painting “Salute to Naval Aviation.” 

Organizers of the “Salute to Naval Aviation” Art Show Pictured above from Left to Right (Scout Leader Joe Mortensen, Executive Director Dr. Scott Gray, and Scout Leader Dan Dickey)

The painting depicts a spectrum of youth Scout members looking toward the continuous high achievements of Naval Aviation through their Scouting experience. Accompanying the vibrant youth in the painting are various former Scouts, such as a pilot, an engineer, an enlisted aircraft handler, and the astronaut Neil Armstrong, who was also an Eagle Scout. Above the subjects are the past and ongoing feats of Naval Aviation, from early airplanes to human accomplishments in space.

The Scouts of America’s connection to Naval Aviation is not widely known. Still, it is of great importance to the continued innovation we have witnessed over the years and will again see in the future. Many current and past military members were, in fact, Scouts. As youths, they were imbued with a sense of service and well-rounded development of skills and were inspired by both the wonders of nature and technology. These core values help them become great leaders and innovators as adults.

Here at the museum, we hope this exhibit can help show our appreciation of the Scouting organization and inspire more youth to join such a beneficial program. Volunteer and co-organizer of the exhibition Dan Dickey shares his thoughts, “I think that with Dan Ropp offering the museum a long-term loan of the painting, it can be used to raise funding to support and improve the quality of Scout programs for the local Scouts and provide funding to the museum to sustain their programs.” All proceeds from sales of the reproductions will be donated to Scouts of America and the museum.

For more information on how to purchase prints of “Salute to Naval Aviation,” please submit an inquiry on our website.

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