Tuesday’s Calvert County Commissioner’s meeting started with the swearing-in of Calvert’s Sheriff’s Deputy Zachary Gadwill, who had just completed his entry-level training. Family and friends surrounded Gadwill.

With committee members present, co-chairs Dr. Joe Sampson and Administrator Julian Willis shared an update of ‘The Blueprint,’ as it’s known, with the Commissioners. The Blueprint Committee was put together by Joint Resolution 41-21 in October of last year.

The state-mandated Blueprint is to benefit all children that are enrolled in public schools. Calvert County aims to be one of the best school systems within the next few years.

It was uttered again that ‘no child left behind’ is still just that – that Calvert will not be leaving any children behind, and if a family makes an adequate income, their children can participate in preschool as well.

Space concerns Calvert County for preschoolers as local daycare providers have been asked to assist.

Andraé Townsel, Calvert County public schools Superintendent, said if anyone can pull off the blueprint, Calvert County can.

A second town hall meeting will take place in February. More information on the exact details will follow.

Police Accountability Board

The Commissioners were presented with an update on the new and one of its kind Police Accountability Board. Chairman of the board Wilson Parran (3-year term) and chair of the administrative charging committee Scott Deacon (3-year term) sat alongside newly elected Sheriff Ricky Cox (R).

The boards were mandated by the state legislature’s Police Accountability Act of 2021.

Cox stated he has had his concerns but is open to giving ride-along s to those on the board in an effort for them to see the job up close.

Calvert is the first in the state to implement the board. Citizens in the county can reach out via the website and make complaints based on factual information.

So far, since July of last year, 36 complaints have come through the public tracker.

“We’re not above making mistakes,” Deacon stated. “We want to be open and transparent.”

“We’ve gone through some virtual reality training,” Parran said.

Cox stated that this is brand new to his officers, and it’s one step in the process that they will have to learn to work with while they police.

“This thing has teeth,” Commissioner Mike Hart (R) said, “but it sounds like we’re taking a methodical approach.”

“The community wants to have faith in the board, and we want to be fair to our citizens that their complaints have been heard,” Hance stated.

To file a complaint, visit Police Accountability Board | Calvert County, MD – Official Website (calvertcountymd.gov).  The ‘Complaint against Personnel’ form on the Sheriff’s Department website will be handled directly by the Calvert County Sheriff’s office. If you need further assistance, contact the Department of Human Resources.

Water and Sewer update

“We’re going to get this right. We’re not just going to put a band aide on it and bleed out later.” Calvert County Commissioner President Earl F. Hance (R) said of resolution 32-16 after County Administrator Julian Willis asked for ‘guidance’ on moving forward.  

The discussion was on the table to repeal and replace the resolution.

Hance made it known that the commissioners won’t forget about this and has assured the public that no one has paid nor is to pay the additional water/sewer bill that went out in December.

Commissioner Catherine Grasso stated that a monthly update after each meeting would serve the board well.

“We look forward to a first draft,” Hance stated.

Work orders have been put in place, and each resident with a work order will hear back from the water company.

The Team Excellence award was presented to the Communications and Media Relations team for coming together quickly to assemble a new Calvert County Veteran-owned business link.  

The 11-person team of Darryl Baxter, John Bennett, Sarah Ehman, Roslyn Gannis, Terrell Gross, Shawn Pyfrom, Kevin Schmidt, Grace Fadely, Ashley Greely, Kathy MacAdams, and Jennifer May assisted in generating over 80,000 impressions. 

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