A White Plains couple is celebrating after winning the progressive jackpot in the $2 Gold Fish game, which earned them $34,683. The husband and wife team had only been playing the game for a week when they struck it lucky.

The wife, who purchased the winning ticket, said that while buying gas at a station across from Food Lion #2547 in Waldorf, she felt a calling to go to the grocery store. She bought the winning Gold Fish ticket at the grocery and immediately realized she might have won the game’s progressive jackpot.

A $34,683 FAST PLAY win will help the “Power Couple” from White Plains pay off their food truck. Credit: Maryland Lottery

After scanning the ticket using the Lottery app on her phone and receiving a strange message, the Charles County woman took it to another store to confirm her win. “He did and then he did a double-take. He said, ‘You hit the jackpot!’ It was so exciting!” the woman said.

The happy winner returned home and shared the great news with her husband, who works as a chef. The couple, who are in the process of moving and have a food truck business, said that the funds will help pay off the loan on the truck and other expenses. “This was heaven sent. It was our time,” the wife said.

The Gold Fish game went on sale in September 2022 and still has 17 progressive jackpots remaining, along with more than 1 million prizes ranging from $2 to $1,000. The progressive jackpot won by the “Power Couple” is the third one in the game.

The Charles County retailer Food Lion #2547, located at 191 St. Patrick’s Drive in Waldorf, also celebrated the win, earning a $346.86 bonus from the Lottery for selling a jackpot-winning ticket of $20,000 or more. The bonus is equal to 1% of the prize.

Lottery games have become a popular form of entertainment and excitement for many Americans. The chance to win big money with a small investment is a dream for many, and the Gold Fish game has certainly delivered that dream to the White Plains couple.

For those looking to play the lottery, there are many options to choose from, each with their own set of rules and regulations. While some may prefer traditional scratch-off games, others may be drawn to fast-play progressive jackpot games like Gold Fish.

As for the “Power Couple,” their win is a reminder that anything is possible, and sometimes Lady Luck can be on your side. With their new windfall, they can now pursue their dreams and move forward with their business and personal lives with a little less stress and a lot more financial security.

The Lottery is always looking to give players new and exciting games to play, and with the success of the Gold Fish game, it’s likely that more fast-play progressive jackpot games will be released in the future. Who knows, maybe the next big winner could be you.

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