Tyrone Antoine Gross, 35, of Lexington Park Credit: St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office

Tyrone Antoine Gross, 35, of Lexington Park, was sentenced on March 2 to two years and eight days for assaulting a woman and dealing drugs. 

Gross, whose court records also show an Aquasco address, was charged following a Nov. 17, 2021, break-in at a home in the 22700 block of Othello Lane in California. 

According to a charging document, Gross attempted to enter the home through the front door, and when he was unable to do so, broke a window and window blind and entered the kitchen. Gross then allegedly kicked in a bedroom door and assaulted the mother of his child by punching and kicking her in the face, head and body. He also allegedly threw an 11-month-old girl, whom the mother had been holding, to the floor, although the child was not located on the scene when police arrived. The document states that Gross also pulled the woman to the floor by her hair. 

In court on March 2, assistant state’s attorney Sarah Proctor said the woman was pregnant with their daughter at the time of the assault. 

Another woman was in the home at the time, according to the court document. Gross allegedly damaged the front door and a wall before leaving the residence. 

He was charged with felony home invasion and three misdemeanors, including fourth-degree burglary and two assaults. He made an Alford plea to one assault charge where he acknowledged that the prosecution had enough evidence to support a conviction. The others were dismissed. 

He was sentenced to five years, suspended to one year and eight days, and given credit for time served. 

In court, Gross said he had been in custody since February 2022. He was allowed to continue on work release from Hope Haven Holistic Treatment Services in Parkville. 

Gross was also charged for drug dealing related to Dec. 2, 2020. In that case, police arrested him in the 21000 block of Great Mills Road after executing a search warrant. 

He was charged with 11 offenses, including six felonies and five misdemeanors. He pleaded guilty to felony drug possession with intent to distribute and misdemeanor illegal firearm possession. The drug charges involving cocaine and methamphetamine, including four charges of possession near a school. 

In that case, he got a 10-year sentence, suspended to two years and eight days. He was given credit for one year and eight days. 

Proctor said Gross was trading drugs for guns at one point. She said a gun and cocaine residue were found in Gross’ vehicle. 

St. Mary’s County Circuit Court Judge Joseph M. Stanalonis ordered a gun be forfeited and $359 in cash. 

Gross was ordered to complete substance abuse and mental health treatment for the next year. 

Stanalonis credited Gross for his efforts thus far. “I’m very happy you’re being successful in treatment,” the judge said, noting these were “two different cases, very serious cases.” 

“It’s extremely difficult when I see the photos and see the victim saying she just wanted you to get treatment,” he said. “Maintaining your innocence isn’t supported by the facts. You do need to work through this issue.” 

Gross’ attorney, Maria Doerflinger, said her client started using illegal drugs at age 15, which accelerated around age 20. She said this is his first time in a substance abuse treatment program. Gross said he’s been in 100% compliance with the program and works at a hotel. He said he would like to become a peer recovery specialist. 

Stanalonis ordered Gross to complete five years of supervised probation upon completing the program. 

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