On Tuesday, March 14, the Charles County Commissioners held a meeting covering various topics such as legislative updates, community priorities, and public briefings.

Associate County Attorney Danielle Mitchell provided a legislative update on the 2023 General Assembly session. House Committee hearings were scheduled on March 14 regarding the bill providing motor vehicle registration exceptions for golf carts and low speed vehicles on Cobb Island, and the bill enabling the county to regulate off-the-road motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles.

Mitchell also presented Senate Bill 130, which would authorize the Maryland Stadium Authority to issue up to $45 million in bonds to construct a Charles County Sports and Wellness Center. Once built, the county would be responsible for generating revenue to pay back bonds and operate the center.

Additionally, staff provided a presentation on Senate Bill 92, the Partition of Property Act, which passed in 2022 and addressed several issues that arise when a property owner dies without a will. Commissioners directed staff to discuss options for creating a board to oversee this process locally and return with a formal proposal.

The meeting also included a briefing from the Department of Fiscal and Administrative Services staff and Principal, Clifton, Larsen, Allen LLC representative Remi Omisore on the fiscal 2022 annual comprehensive financial report. Moreover, the Economic Development staff provided an update on the Sister-City Partnership with Mozambique, which is intended to spur international exports and investments and foster cultural exchanges.

The county commissioners also held a hybrid public hearing on the 2022 Charles County Comprehensive Water and Sewer Plan, and voted to keep the record open for seven days.

However, the main highlight of the meeting was the community survey conducted from October through December 2022. The survey aimed to measure overall satisfaction with life in the county, satisfaction with government services, and areas where improvements are needed.

The survey results were presented to the county commissioners, and it was found that Charles County residents prioritize schools and affordable housing. Schools and affordable housing were ranked as top priorities for the county government to focus on in the next three years.

The meeting covered several topics, including legislative updates, public briefings, and a public hearing. The commissioners will hold their next session on March 21, 2023.

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