During the March 16th Town Council meeting, Mayor Patrick “Irish” Mahoney presented the 2022 State of the Town of Chesapeake Beach. The address included a number of key highlights for the town, including a reduction of taxes for the sixth year in a row and a significant reduction in debt.

The general property tax reduction for 2022 is $516,765, which the Town Council unanimously approved. Additionally, there will be a debt reduction of $508,715 in FY22, with a total debt reduction of approximately $7,074,538. Mayor Mahoney emphasized the importance of responsible financial management and appropriately allocating taxpayer funds.

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“We are committed to keeping our taxes low and our finances in order, while also ensuring that we are prepared for future infrastructure improvements,” said Mayor Mahoney.

The 2022 State of the Town document can be viewed online, along with the State of the Town video. These resources provide a comprehensive overview of the town’s progress, plans for the future, and key initiatives.

Chesapeake Beach residents expressed their satisfaction with the 2022 State of the Town address, with many taking to social media to commend Mayor Mahoney and the Town Council for their dedication to responsible financial management and ensuring the continued success of Chesapeake Beach.

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