On Tuesday, Congressman Steny H. Hoyer visited Inspiring Dreams Learning Center, a childcare center in Waldorf, Maryland, to highlight the impact of American Rescue Plan funds two years after the historic law’s enactment. The American Rescue Plan provided $39 billion in emergency funding to stabilize the childcare sector—a critical investment that allowed millions of childcare programs to stay open and operational. Inspiring Dreams received nearly $80,000 in American Rescue Plan funding, which allowed them to keep employees on the payroll and continue to provide safe and clean operations for children.

“The American Rescue Plan, like so many significant pieces of legislation enacted in the 117th Congress, made a transformative difference in the lives of our families,” said Congressman Hoyer. “As we continue to mark two years since President Biden signed this legislation into law, I was glad to meet with the leadership of Inspiring Dreams Learning Center, where we discussed the importance of the American Rescue Plan funding for their day-to-day operations.”

During the pandemic, the childcare sector experienced devastating setbacks, with many employees losing their jobs and centers being forced to close down. The American Rescue Plan was a lifeline to struggling childcare centers like Inspiring Dreams, which infused funds to help the center stay open and keep its employees on the payroll. This center is unique in that it primarily services families of first responders and essential workers, aiding critical service workers during a challenging and unprecedented moment for our district and our country.

“As small businesses, keeping childcare centers open is vitally important to our economic wellbeing. Many childcare centers are also operated by women who are disproportionately women of color, making this issue a matter of economic equity. I was glad to hear about how the American Rescue Plan could keep Inspiring Dreams open in a safe way for children and also help parents get back to work. As Chair of the Regional Leadership Council, I will continue to highlight and share stories of Americans who benefited from swift Congressional action under President Biden. I thank the team for meeting with me this week and for all the work they do everyday to support children and parents,” continued Congressman Hoyer.

“I want to thank Congressman Hoyer not only for his critical role in passing the American Rescue Plan but for his efforts to highlight the positive impact that the American Rescue Plan continues to have on communities two years after its enactment,” said Gene Sperling, White House American Rescue Plan Coordinator and Senior Advisor to the President.

The American Rescue Plan has helped over 220,000 child care programs remain open and provide quality care through the pandemic, keeping the youngest generation of Americans safe and in school. Congressman Hoyer, in his role as Chair of the House Regional Leadership Council, has committed to working with the White House on building on that progress with new and continued support for child care and other policies that will continue to lower costs and raise economic dignity for American families.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/EditorEditor-in-Chief

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