Maryland Transportation Secretary Paul J. Wiedefeld joined Maryland State Police acting Superintendent Col. Roland L. Butler, Jr., Motor Vehicle Administrator Chrissy Nizer and other state officials and community partners to announce the preliminary number of fatalities on Maryland roadways in 2022, and debut the new interactive Crash Data Dashboard developed by the Motor Vehicle Administration’s Highway Safety Office.

The announcement was made during Maryland’s annual Highway Safety Summit on Monday, highlighting Maryland’s commitment to a statewide effort known as the Strategic Highway Safety Plan, a collaboration between federal, state, and local partners to eliminate the number of traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 2030.

According to the preliminary numbers presented, there were a total of 611 fatalities on Maryland roadways in 2022, representing a slight decrease from the 626 fatalities recorded in 2021. This decrease represents a 2.4% decrease year-over-year, which is a step towards achieving the goals of the Strategic Highway Safety Plan.

To aid in these efforts, the Motor Vehicle Administration’s Highway Safety Office debuted the new interactive Crash Data Dashboard, which provides real-time access to data on roadway fatalities, serious injuries, and crashes throughout the state. This new tool will enable state and local officials to identify trends, hot spots, and areas for improvement in their efforts to improve roadway safety.

The dashboard will be updated regularly with data from state and local law enforcement agencies, providing officials with the most up-to-date information on roadway safety in their areas. The dashboard is part of the Motor Vehicle Administration’s ongoing efforts to improve roadway safety in Maryland, which includes educational campaigns, targeted enforcement efforts, and collaborations with community partners.

The Strategic Highway Safety Plan, which was first adopted in 2008, provides a framework for state and local partners to work together to improve roadway safety in Maryland. The plan includes several initiatives, including increasing seatbelt use, reducing impaired driving, and improving roadway design and infrastructure.

While the decrease in fatalities on Maryland roadways is a positive step, officials acknowledge that more work needs to be done to achieve the goals of the Strategic Highway Safety Plan. The new Crash Data Dashboard will be an important tool in these efforts, providing state and local officials with the data and insights they need to make Maryland’s roads safer for everyone.

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