The Town of North Beach is set to host a public meeting on April 20, 2023, at 7 pm, at the Town Hall with principals from BayLand Consultants and Designers (BayLand) to discuss the draft Compound Flood Action Plan. The Mayor and Town Council have requested the presence of town residents and encourage questions and input during this meeting. Residents may also attend the meeting virtually on April 20 by going to

Last year, BayLand was selected to develop a Compound Flood Action Plan for the entire town. This plan aims to provide structural and engineering solutions to relieve the dual impact of coastal and stormwater flooding. On October 20, 2022, BayLand gave a presentation that discussed the field investigations completed and the priority flooding areas identified from an initial engineering analysis of the entire town and input from residents.

During the public meeting on April 20, 2023, BayLand will present the draft Compound Flood Action Plan and will conduct a question-and-answer session. The presentation will provide insights into the proposed solutions, timelines for the project’s completion, and measures that will be taken to minimize any possible disruptions to the town’s operations.

The Compound Flood Action Plan aims to provide an integrated approach to managing flood risks, considering the town’s location along the coast and its susceptibility to stormwater flooding. The plan includes engineering solutions such as coastal structures, elevation and relocation of structures, and stormwater management techniques. Additionally, the plan proposes to enhance the town’s natural environment to provide better flood mitigation measures.

This meeting provides an opportunity for town residents to participate in the decision-making process and express their concerns regarding the draft Compound Flood Action Plan. The Mayor and Town Council welcome residents to attend and voice their opinions, which will be considered as the plan continues to be refined.

For more information on the Compound Flood Action Plan, including the Project Schedule, Assurance Project Plan, and Area Map, residents can visit the following link.

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