Calvert County Animal Control Officer (ACO) Derrick Robinson was on his way to work on a normal Tuesday morning when he witnessed a serious collision between a Dodge Durango and an 18-wheeler. Without hesitation, ACO Robinson and a Good Samaritan rushed to the scene to help the driver of the Durango, which was about to be engulfed in flames.

ACO Robinson’s dedication to helping others didn’t stop after the incident. He still made it to work by 9 a.m. and continued his duties as an animal control officer.

The collision is currently under investigation by the Maryland State Police. Anyone with information is urged to contact the police immediately.

In situations like these, every second counts. ACO Robinson’s bravery and quick thinking serve as a reminder of the importance of being prepared to act when someone’s life is in danger. Thanks to people like him, we can all feel safer on our roads and in our communities.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/EditorEditor-in-Chief

David M. Higgins II is an award-winning journalist passionate about uncovering the truth and telling compelling stories. Born in Baltimore and raised in Southern Maryland, he has lived in several East...

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