Our Spotlight on the Arts for May 2023 shines brightly on culinary artist Kelly Davin of the Kneaded Baking Co!

We have been eagerly watching the progress and anticipating the opening of the brand-new bakery just up the street! After our very first visit we were hooked on the delicious pastries and wanted to share Kelly’s story as an artist and small business owner.

How long have you been involved with participation in your art form?

I graduated from Johnson & Wales Culinary school in Rhode Island in 2001. I have been obsessed with baking and pastry ever since. I was a pastry chef that specialized in wedding cakes in San Diego and eventually combined my love of desserts and events by opening a wedding planning company as well. After 20 years of baking and Event Planning, my dream of owning a brick-and-mortar bakery has come true!

What have been your past and present inspirations?

I find that I get inspired from all sorts of things. I love to travel and taste things from all over. For me, baking is not just a job, it is a way of life. I find so much joy in the process of creating something beautiful and delicious from scratch and seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they take a bite of one of my desserts. It is an honor to share my love of pastry with people.

Do you have a favorite aspect in terms of style/creative process of your artistry?

I LOVE taking a creative spin on classic desserts and cakes. I think there is something to be said for taking a known dessert and modernizing it to reflect seasonal produce or just twist ingredients around to create new flavor profiles. Cakes are some of my favorite things to make, since they allow me to be super creative and use a variety of techniques.

What are a few of your other interests or occupations outside of your art form?

I am kept very busy with my three kids, my cookie company, and now the bake shop. I love to travel and explore new places.

Thank you, Kelly, for being a valued part of our creative community!

Learn more about Kelly and the Kneaded Baking Co at links below:

Facebook – Kneaded Baking Co

Instagram- @kneadedbakingco

Website –    www.kneadedbakingco.com 

Kelly’s bakery opened recently in March of 2023. Visit the Kneaded Baking Co for delicious baked goods, artisanal pastries, freshly brewed coffee, and more in the heart of Downtown Leonardtown!

The store address is 22699 Washington St, Leonardtown, MD 20650. Reach the bakery by email at info@kneadedbakingco.com or call (301) 381-2525..381.2525

Thank you, Kelly, for being a valued part of our creative community!

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