Hughesville, MD – In a heartwarming gesture of support, Pets in Need in Southern Maryland has stepped forward to cover the costs of a two-week board and train program for Tuko, a lively and affectionate shelter dog. Through their partnership with Happy Active Dog LLC, the organization aims to equip both Tuko and his future adopter with the necessary skills to ensure a successful transition into a forever home.

Tuko, a charismatic 1 1/2-year-old boy with an infectious smile, has spent a staggering 200 days at the Charles County Animal Care Center. Despite his extended stay, his spirits remain high, and his boundless energy makes him an ideal companion for hiking or running enthusiasts. However, due to his shelter upbringing, Tuko would benefit from some basic obedience training and manners.

Recognizing the potential in Tuko, Pets in Need in Southern Maryland has generously offered to cover the expenses of a two-week board and train program for both Tuko and his future owner. The program, facilitated by Happy Active Dog LLC, aims to provide comprehensive training and socialization, ensuring that Tuko becomes the best version of himself before joining a new family.

“Tuko is incredibly treat motivated, which makes him a joy to train,” remarked a shelter staff member. “He’s eager to please and has a fantastic personality. With some dedicated training, he will make a wonderful addition to any household.”

The two-week board and train program is designed to address Tuko’s specific needs and challenges. Through personalized training sessions, Tuko will learn basic obedience commands, socialization skills, and proper leash etiquette. Additionally, the program will focus on reinforcing positive behavior and building a strong foundation of trust between Tuko and his future adopter.

The generosity of Pets in Need in Southern Maryland and Happy Active Dog LLC not only benefits Tuko but also provides invaluable support to his potential adopter. By covering the cost of the training program, they remove a financial barrier that may have prevented some individuals from considering adoption. This initiative highlights the organizations’ commitment to ensuring the successful placement of shelter animals and promoting responsible pet ownership within the community.

For those interested in meeting Tuko, adoption hours at the Charles County Animal Care Center are Monday to Friday from 11 am to 4 pm and Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm. The shelter, located at 6707 Animal Shelter Road in Hughesville, MD, can also be contacted directly at 301-932-1713 or via email at

Tuko’s heartwarming story serves as a reminder of the countless dogs awaiting their forever homes in shelters across the country. Through partnerships like the one between Pets in Need in Southern Maryland and Happy Active Dog LLC, more animals like Tuko are given a second chance at life, love, and happiness.

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