California, Lexington Park – The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Safety Unit remains steadfast in its commitment to enforcing traffic regulations along the busy Route 235 corridor. Last week, Sgt. Brian Connelly and Cpl. Kenneth Flerlage dedicated their efforts to enhancing safety during the morning and evening commutes to and from Naval Air Station Patuxent River. Their commendable work resulted in 38 vehicle stops, leading to 23 traffic citations, 29 warnings, and seven safety equipment repair orders.

Continuing their pursuit of safer roads, Sgt. Connelly and Cpl. Flerlage conducted further enforcement operations on Saturday, May 20, 2023, along the same corridor. This time, they pulled over sixteen vehicles, which resulted in 12 citations, 15 warnings, and two repair orders. Additionally, the Traffic Safety Unit lent its support to Patrol deputies by responding to three service calls.

These ongoing traffic enforcement initiatives aim to bolster driver safety along the Route 235 corridor, spanning from Route 4 to Great Mills Road, particularly during periods of heightened traffic. According to the Maryland Department of Transportation, the average daily traffic volume along this stretch in California and Lexington Park exceeds 60,000 vehicles.

Sheriff Steve Hall emphasized his unwavering dedication to ensuring the well-being and uninterrupted commutes of both Patuxent River commuters and local drivers. By implementing robust traffic enforcement measures along Route 235, Sheriff Hall aims to mitigate risks and promote safer road conditions for all.

The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office’s Traffic Safety Unit plays a pivotal role in this mission. With Sgt. Connelly and Cpl. Flerlage at the helm, their tireless efforts and expertise have proven instrumental in reducing traffic violations and enhancing overall road safety.

The recent statistics reflect the impact of these enforcement actions. The 38 stops conducted during the previous week not only resulted in numerous citations and warnings but also contributed to raising awareness about traffic regulations and promoting responsible driving. By addressing violations promptly, the Sheriff’s Office aims to deter risky behaviors and encourage compliance with traffic laws.

Saturday’s operations further demonstrated the effectiveness of these initiatives. The 16 stops conducted on that day led to a significant number of citations and warnings. Additionally, the issuance of repair orders highlights the Sheriff’s Office’s commitment to ensuring that vehicles are roadworthy and equipped with proper safety measures.

The collaboration between the Traffic Safety Unit and Patrol deputies also deserves recognition. By assisting with service calls, the unit reinforces the Sheriff’s Office’s dedication to providing comprehensive support to the community. Whether it’s traffic-related incidents or other emergencies, the deputies’ swift response contributes to a safer environment for all residents.

The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office encourages all drivers to adhere to traffic laws, prioritize safety, and exercise caution when traveling along the Route 235 corridor. By practicing responsible driving habits and complying with regulations, individuals can play an active role in enhancing road safety and reducing accidents.

As the Traffic Safety Unit continues its enforcement actions along the Route 235 corridor, motorists can expect a visible presence of law enforcement officers during peak traffic hours. The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office remains committed to maintaining vigilance and upholding the highest standards of traffic safety.

In conclusion, the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Safety Unit, under the leadership of Sgt. Brian Connelly and Cpl. Kenneth Flerlage, continues to spearhead efforts to improve road safety along the Route 235 corridor. With their recent enforcement actions yielding positive outcomes, the Sheriff’s Office remains dedicated to ensuring safe and uneventful journeys for commuters and local drivers each day.

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