Charles County, MD – In an effort to provide transparency and share the county’s progress with the public, Charles County is delighted to announce the release of the 2022 Annual Report and Year in Review video. The comprehensive report and video showcase the county’s achievements and key milestones throughout the year, organized by departments.

Commissioner President Reuben B. Collins, II, Esq., expressed his satisfaction with the report, stating, “The 2022 annual report is a snapshot into what steps the Board of Commissioners have taken to meet our goals and objectives. I am proud of what the Board has been able to accomplish for our Charles County residents.”

The Annual Report and Year in Review video encompass a wide range of topics, including education, health, public safety, and quality of life. Through the use of local area photos and charts, the report provides a thorough overview of the county’s progress in these key areas.

To access the Annual Report and Year in Review video, interested individuals can visit the official Charles County website at The website offers the option to either view or download a Portable Document Format (PDF) version of the annual report, allowing for easy access and convenient viewing. Please note that Adobe Reader is required to open PDF files.

The 2022 Annual Report offers valuable insights into the county’s accomplishments and initiatives throughout the year. It serves as a testament to the county’s commitment to addressing the needs and priorities of its residents.

Education was a major focus in 2022, with significant achievements and advancements in the field. The Annual Report highlights the implementation of innovative educational programs and initiatives, aimed at ensuring the success and development of Charles County students.

Additionally, the report sheds light on the county’s efforts to enhance public safety. Through strategic collaborations with law enforcement agencies and community programs, Charles County has worked diligently to create a safer environment for its residents. The Annual Report provides a detailed account of the various initiatives and their impact on reducing crime rates and promoting community well-being.

Furthermore, the report emphasizes the county’s commitment to improving the overall quality of life for its residents. It showcases the successful implementation of initiatives in areas such as healthcare, recreation, and infrastructure development. These efforts have not only enhanced the well-being of the community but have also contributed to the overall growth and prosperity of Charles County.

By making the Annual Report and Year in Review video accessible to the public, Charles County aims to foster transparency and accountability. Residents and stakeholders now have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the county’s achievements and initiatives in 2022.

As Charles County continues to prioritize the needs of its residents, the release of the Annual Report and Year in Review video stands as a testament to the county’s commitment to progress and development. Through the utilization of local area photos, charts, and comprehensive departmental breakdowns, the report provides a detailed overview of the county’s accomplishments, demonstrating the positive impact of collaborative efforts.

For those interested in delving deeper into the county’s progress, the 2022 Annual Report and Year in Review video are readily available on the official Charles County website at By reviewing these resources, residents can stay informed and actively participate in shaping the future of Charles County.

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