Maryland, USA – As Memorial Day weekend approached, Marylanders and visitors alike were preparing to indulge in the state’s renowned blue crabs and delectable crab meat. In an effort to ensure consumers are purchasing fresh local seafood, the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) urges individuals to carefully inspect the labels on crab containers to confirm that the crab meat being purchased was caught in Maryland. Additionally, when dining out, patrons are advised to inquire about the origin of the crabs being served or look for the True Blue logo on the menu.

The MDA recognizes the exceptional quality of Chesapeake Bay blue crabs, highlighting their unrivaled taste and texture. “Here in Maryland, our delicious Chesapeake Bay blue crabs are second to none,” emphasized Kevin Atticks, Secretary of the Maryland Department of Agriculture. Secretary Atticks further urged consumers to support local watermen by ensuring that the crabs and crab meat they purchase are indeed from Maryland. He also suggested complementing the meal with other locally sourced produce such as Maryland sweet corn, tomatoes, lettuce, and asparagus.

The Maryland Department of Agriculture has introduced the True Blue program to aid consumers in identifying restaurants that serve authentic Maryland blue crabs and crab meat. To participate in the program, restaurants must meet specific criteria and adhere to stringent guidelines. The presence of the True Blue logo on a restaurant menu guarantees the establishment’s commitment to showcasing Maryland’s finest seafood. The MDA has confirmed that only restaurants serving Maryland blue crabs and crab meat are authorized to feature the True Blue logo on their menus.

To learn more about the True Blue Program and its initiatives, individuals are encouraged to visit the Maryland Seafood website at By accessing this resource, consumers can gain comprehensive knowledge about the program’s objectives and the benefits it offers. Additionally, those seeking the freshest produce and nearest farmers markets and produce stands can visit

Maryland’s blue crabs and crab meat hold a cherished place in the hearts and palates of seafood enthusiasts worldwide. The state’s commitment to ensuring the authenticity and freshness of its seafood offerings underscores the significance of supporting local watermen and the state’s economy. By adhering to the recommendations of the Maryland Department of Agriculture, individuals can enjoy the superior taste and quality of Maryland crab meat while contributing to the prosperity of the state’s fishing industry.

As the Memorial Day weekend festivities commenced, residents and visitors can savor the iconic flavors of Maryland’s blue crabs and crab meat. By verifying the origin of the seafood they purchase and supporting restaurants participating in the True Blue program, consumers actively contribute to the preservation of Maryland’s culinary heritage. The Maryland Department of Agriculture remains dedicated to promoting the state’s exceptional seafood offerings and ensuring that the True Blue logo continues to represent authenticity, quality, and an unrivaled dining experience for all seafood lovers.

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