All Maryland waters are now open to harvest rockfish (striped bass).  The minimum is 19 inches, and the maximum is 31 inches, one per day.  The Patuxent should have rockfish for trollers in the deep and lure casters in the shallows.  The Potomac is open, too, with a minimum of 20 inches and a maximum of 31 inches, two per day.

All the creek mouths, structures, and holes in the Salt Islands and the Honga River yield hefty rockfish and a smattering of speckled trout and redfish.  Several light tackle fishermen landed dozens of rockfish casting jigs, poppers, and swimming plugs early this week.

Bluefish have shown up in the pound nets in Cornfield harbor.  The blues that have been encountered so far are primarily small.  There was a report of a 26-inch bluefish that took a jig intended for a striper this week.

Perch are active in the creeks.  I have caught eight up to 11 inches on small spinner baits in a couple of casual outings this week.

Crabs are plentiful in the creeks and rivers.

The bay water temperature is at a record low of 64.9 degrees for June first.  The warm temperatures forecast for this week should be as welcome for the fish as they are for us.  Let’s hope the sunshine will make us all frisky.

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