PRINCE FREDERICK, MD – The Calvert County American Little League is thrilled to unveil its highly anticipated 2023 All-Star teams. These exceptional young athletes, aged 8-16, have showcased their remarkable talent, unwavering dedication, intense passion, and outstanding sportsmanship throughout their participation in previous Baseball and Softball seasons.

Mike Barnes, President of Calvert American Little League, acknowledged the arduous task of selecting the teams and expressed his humility, saying, “I’m humbled by how hard it was to select these teams. Every year our athletes are better and more competitive, and it’s a struggle to decide who makes the cut and who has to wait until next year. It’s a great problem to have.”

The selected teams will compete in the upcoming District 7 tournaments scheduled to commence on June 24. Following these competitions, the top teams from the district will advance to the state tournaments, set to begin on July 8. The winners at the state level will then progress to the regional tournaments and, ultimately, the highly anticipated International Little League World Series in August.

It is worth noting that the Juniors and Seniors softball teams will collaborate with the Northern Calvert Little League, while the Senior baseball team will join forces with the Southern Maryland Youth Organization.

The Calvert County American Little League 2023 All-Star Baseball teams include the following categories:


8-10 Baseball8-10 Baseball9-11 Baseball
Coach Meidinger Coach Rye Coach Donaty 
Vincent Barbour 
Brody Barnes 
Brayden Bingham 
Colton Curtis 
Joseph Davis 
Callen Donaty 
Beckett Green 
Chase Humphreys 
Noah Langley 
Brayden  Walker 
Callaghan Wilsberg 
Gavin Zurenko 
Bryce Bowen 
Jackson Bowen 
Jack Cowan 
John Harrington 
Dalton Leach 
Charles Long 
Jagger Lucas 
Nathaniel Ross 
Scott Rye Jr 
Cody Hayes 
Aiden Schwamp 
Liam Strachan 
Max Baldridge 
Dominic Deboodt 
Brooks Donaty 
Logan Draheim 
Parker Eskins 
Ty Ewig 
Liam Hunt 
Jackson Lane 
Richard Long 
John Colin Mirtich 
Chase Nelson 
Majors BaseballJuniors BaseballSeniors Baseball
Coach Barnes Coach Hartley Coach Herbinko 
Ethan Barnes 
Jesse Beruti 
Zachary Brown 
Brantin Garner 
Jackson Livingston 
Declan McDermitt 
Trenton Muschette 
Rayden Nelson 
Lucas Palombi 
Jaiden Reynolds 
Tanner White 
Timmy Balderson 
Levi Beardsley 
Lucas Bowen 
Bradley Cowan 
Jayden Drye 
Aiden Gandy 
Drew Gott 
Nathaniel Manco 
Vincent Marrocco 
Andrew Mozynski 
Camden Sacker 
Max Sulayman 
Colton Windsor 
Logan Booth 
Cam Carle 
Garrett Coffey 
Brayden Crissman 
Tyler Dunn 
Austin Fogleman 
Joseph Gorman 
Nick Kelly 
Bryce Legeer 
Christian Manifold 
Jaden Mealy 
Steven Robinson 
David Crocroft 
Quincy McFadden 
Damian Nieves 
Anthony Williams


Minors SoftballMajors SoftballJuniors SoftballSeniors Softball
Coach DeanCoach HallCoach DeGenerroCoach from NCLL 
Ayanna Berry 
Charlotte Boice 
Charlotte Brockinton Alexis Dean 
Marcy Farrell 
Aubrey Foote 
Mikayla Ford 
Colbie Flint 
Ashlynn Merchant 
Grace Randall 
Ryleigh Rye 
Skylar Simpson 
Reagan Tomaszek 
Caelin Ware  
Mikaela Goff 
Tessa Drayer 
Mya York 
Molly Lago 
Gracee Stebbing 
Lilia Foley 
Amytheus Vaa 
Skylar Fink 
Zoe Hagelin 
Nicole Hoffman 
Ravyn Payne 
Jasmine Somerville 
Mackenzie Tate 
Elizabeth Ballogh 
Ivy Hilson 
Victoria Nichols 
Summer Philips 
Ariana Raso
Julieta Arteaga 
Jordan Dugue 
Aunica Everhart 
Naomi Grimm 

The Calvert County American Little League is known for its commitment to developing young athletes and fostering a love for the game of baseball and softball. With the announcement of the 2023 All-Star teams, the league continues to showcase the incredible talent that has emerged from its ranks.

The District 7 tournaments, scheduled for June 24, will serve as the first test for these talented athletes. The competition will be fierce as teams vie for a chance to represent their district in the state tournaments, which kick off on July 8. The road to the International Little League World Series is challenging, but these young players have demonstrated the skills and determination necessary to succeed.

The Calvert County American Little League extends its gratitude to the coaches, parents, and volunteers who have dedicated their time and effort to support these athletes in their pursuit of excellence. Their guidance and mentorship have played a crucial role in shaping the success of the league’s All-Star teams.

As the community eagerly awaits the District 7 tournaments, the Calvert County American Little League encourages everyone to come out and support these talented young athletes. Their hard work and dedication deserve recognition and applause. Let us celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship and the love of the game that the Calvert County American Little League embodies.

Please visit their official website for more information about the Calvert County American Little League and its upcoming events.

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