Washington, DC (June 12) – James P. Muldoon, a prominent maritime organization and philanthropy figure, was recently bestowed with the prestigious Guardian Award by the US Coast Guard Foundation. The award ceremony occurred at a distinguished dinner earlier this month, where Muldoon was recognized for his outstanding dedication and support to the Coast Guard and various sailing programs.

Muldoon, one of the four board members who initiated the Coast Guard Foundation’s Tribute to the Coast Guard 19 years ago, has been instrumental in raising over $15 million for the Foundation’s programs to assist Coast Guard members and their families. In addition to his involvement with the Foundation, Muldoon has made significant contributions through his leadership roles in 30 maritime organizations.

James P. Muldoon (R) receives the 2023 Guardian Award from The U.S. Coast Guard Foundations Chairman of the Board, Thomas A. Allegretti. The award dinner took place in Washington D.C. on June 6. Credit: U.S Coast Guard Foundation

Notably, Muldoon has played a pivotal role in establishing and developing DC Sail, an organization committed to helping underserved inner-city youth and young individuals with learning differences. By utilizing sailing skills as a transformative tool, DC Sail has enabled these individuals to grow and mature, providing them with new opportunities for personal development.

Another notable initiative spearheaded by Muldoon is Brendan Sailing, which focuses on building children’s confidence with learning differences through sailing. Inspired by his son’s personal growth as a sailor, Muldoon founded Brendan Sailing almost four decades ago. The organization has since empowered countless youth with learning differences, allowing them to build self-esteem and develop crucial life skills.

Joanne M. Dorval, President of Brendan Sailing, expressed her gratitude for Muldoon’s ongoing dedication and financial support. At the awards banquet, Dorval remarked, “Jim Muldoon founded Brendan Sailing nearly four decades ago, and his continuing leadership and financial support have ensured that hundreds of youth with learning differences have successfully built self-esteem through sailing. The recent nationwide expansion of the Brendan Approach, based on the proven methods used in Brendan camps in Maryland and DC, is possible thanks to his generous donations and leadership.”

Richard O’Brien, Vice President of DC Sail’s Board of Directors, also commended Muldoon’s transformative impact on the sailing community in Washington, DC. O’Brien stated, “Chairman Muldoon was the inspiration for bringing community sailing to Washington, DC, through DC Sail and its Kids Set Sail program. He has been at the organization’s helm from the beginning and has grown the sport of sailing in the District for the last 23 years to include many underprivileged DC youth.”

The Guardian Award, presented by the Coast Guard Foundation, is considered one of the highest accolades for exceptional contributions to the Coast Guard and related endeavors. Each year, this national award is granted to individuals, companies, or organizations that have shown remarkable dedication and support to the Coast Guard Foundation, the U.S. Coast Guard personnel and their families, and members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families.

Furthermore, the Guardian Award acknowledges individuals, companies, or organizations that have significantly contributed to educational and charitable initiatives promoting awareness of maritime affairs, the marine environment, maritime history, and other activities that foster maritime expertise or inspire future generations of maritime service. This esteemed accolade celebrates those who provide unwavering support to Coast Guard members as they safeguard our nation, its citizens, and our national interests.

James P. Muldoon’s invaluable contributions to the Coast Guard Foundation, his transformative work with DC Sail and Brendan Sailing, and his overall commitment to the maritime community make him a deserving recipient of the Guardian Award. Through his dedication and generosity, Muldoon has left an indelible impact on the lives of countless individuals, particularly underserved youth and those with learning differences, and has significantly contributed to the advancement of sailing programs in the Washington, DC, area.

The Guardian Award serves as a testament to Muldoon’s remarkable achievements and inspires others in the maritime industry. His efforts have supported Coast Guard members and their families and fostered a love for sailing among diverse communities. By utilizing sailing as a transformative tool, Muldoon has provided individuals with learning differences and underserved youth with an avenue for personal growth, instilling confidence and building life skills that extend far beyond the waters.

The Coast Guard Foundation, in presenting the Guardian Award to James P. Muldoon, acknowledges his unwavering commitment and exemplary contributions. As the recipient of this prestigious honor, Muldoon joins a distinguished group of individuals, companies, and organizations who have significantly impacted the Coast Guard and the maritime community.

Through his leadership, financial support, and passion for sailing, Muldoon has created lasting legacies that will continue to benefit future generations. His vision and dedication have expanded access to sailing opportunities, particularly for those who may have faced barriers in the past. By focusing on underserved youth and individuals with learning differences, Muldoon has opened doors, provided mentorship, and created inclusive spaces that allow participants to flourish.

As we celebrate James P. Muldoon’s achievements and the recognition he has received through the Guardian Award, it is important to recognize the ripple effect of his work. His positive impact on the lives of individuals, families, and communities is immeasurable. Muldoon has empowered individuals to overcome challenges, discover their potential, and embrace new opportunities through sailing.

The Coast Guard Foundation and the maritime community greatly congratulate James P. Muldoon for his well-deserved recognition. His passion, leadership, and commitment to the Coast Guard and sailing programs have made a lasting difference, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of many. As we honor Muldoon’s achievements, we are reminded of the transformative power of philanthropy, mentorship, and shared love for the sea.

To learn more about the Coast Guard Foundation and its mission to support Coast Guard members and their families, please visit their official website: Coast Guard Foundation.

For additional information about DC Sail and Brendan Sailing, please visit their respective websites: DC Sail and Brendan Sailing.

The Guardian Award stands as a symbol of gratitude and recognition for individuals like James P. Muldoon, whose tireless efforts and dedication enrich the lives of others and strengthen our maritime community.

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