Leonardtown, MD – The Port of Leonardtown Winery, known for its exceptional wines and picturesque vineyards, has reason to celebrate beyond its award-winning vintages. Winemaker Lauren Zimmerman and her husband, John, are proud to announce the arrival of their newest addition, baby boy Baron James Zimmerman. Baron debuted on June 5th at MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital, weighing in at a healthy 8 pounds and 6 ounces, measuring 21.75 inches long. The Zimmerman family is overjoyed, and Baron’s big sister, Lola, is excited to have a little brother to share her love with.

Lauren Zimmerman, a respected winemaker at Port of Leonardtown Winery, received a stroke of luck as baby Baron gracefully timed his entrance into the world. His arrival came after the winery completed a record-breaking bottling season, during which they meticulously crafted and released an impressive selection of 26 different wines from their 2022 vintage. Beginning in April, wine enthusiasts were treated to the diverse flavors and aromas of the latest creations from the winery.

The Zimmerman family can now relish in the joy of their newest addition, knowing that Lauren has concluded the demanding winemaking process for the season. With all the wines safely bottled, their anticipation turns to the forthcoming grape harvest this fall, when the tanks that once held the 2022 vintages will be refilled with the promise of new, bountiful grape varieties.

Lauren Zimmerman, recognized for her winemaking expertise, has been integral to the Port of Leonardtown Winery’s success. Her dedication and passion for crafting exceptional wines have earned her accolades within the industry. Colleagues and wine enthusiasts alike look forward to seeing how Baby Baron’s arrival will influence her future creations.

The Port of Leonardtown Winery, located in the charming town of Leonardtown, has become a cherished destination for wine lovers. Situated amidst scenic vineyards, the winery offers visitors a unique experience, showcasing the artistry and craftsmanship that go into every bottle. The winery’s commitment to producing high-quality wines has garnered it a devoted following and numerous awards.

As the tanks at Port of Leonardtown Winery sit empty, the winemaking team eagerly awaits the arrival of the fall grape harvest. This annual event marks the beginning of a new winemaking season, full of possibilities and the chance to create extraordinary wines. With baby Baron James now a part of the Zimmerman family, the anticipation and excitement surrounding the winery’s future ventures are palpable.

Congratulations pour in from the wine community and beyond for Lauren Zimmerman and her husband, John, on the birth of their baby boy. As they revel in this joyful milestone, the Zimmerman family’s legacy intertwines with the Port of Leonardtown Winery story, promising an exciting chapter filled with passion, dedication, and remarkable wines for years to come.

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