Leonardtown, MD – The St. Mary’s County libraries in Leonardtown and Lexington Park are currently hosting limited-run exhibits featuring the works of local artists. These exhibits, held during June and July 2023, aim to promote and celebrate artistic talent within the community. Admission is free, allowing the public to appreciate the creativity and skill of these artists.

The Leonardtown Library Gallery, located at 23630 Hayden Farm Ln, Leonardtown, MD 20650, features a collection of paintings by Susan Carney. Carney’s work reflects her evolving style and diverse inspirations. Carney creates captivating pieces using mediums such as watercolor, spray paint, acrylic paint, varnish, and collage on wood, canvas, and paper. Her artwork often incorporates images of birds, insects, knots, weaving, and human body fragments. According to her artist statement, Carney’s work is influenced by her fascination with change and evolution as an artist.

At the Lexington Park Library, situated at 21677 FDR Blvd, Lexington Park, MD 20653, visitors can enjoy a photography exhibit by Sierra Ridley. Ridley’s showcase captures the picturesque beauty of Italy’s countryside. The exhibit includes nine framed photographs from Ridley’s travels in Pineto, Abruzzo, and the Apennine Mountains. These images offer a glimpse into Ridley’s experiences and highlight her favorite moments and scenes from her time abroad.

Both exhibits are part of a collaboration between the libraries, the St. Mary’s County Arts Council, and local artists. This partnership aims to support and promote the artistic community in St. Mary’s County, providing local artists with a platform to display their work. The Leonardtown Library Gallery and the Lexington Park Library Gallery have become important venues for showcasing the talents of amateur, student, professional, and children artists from the area.

Photographer Frank Roth has captured the attention of art enthusiasts with his captivating and visually striking images. Roth’s work, which includes diverse subjects, has gained recognition through his engaging Instagram account.

His collection features a variety of subjects, including rustic old barns, stunning sunsets over the Chesapeake Bay, historical sites, and intriguing still-life scenes. What sets Roth apart is his ability to capture these subjects by presenting them with interesting twists and perspectives, making his photographs stand out and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Now, Roth’s captivating photographs are displayed at the Leonardtown Library Gallery in collaboration with the Leonardtown Library. This marks the gallery’s first show, making it an exciting opportunity for the artist and the community.

The exhibits are open to the public, and visitors can explore the galleries during the libraries’ operating hours. Individuals are encouraged to visit the St. Mary’s County Library website for specific information regarding days and hours of operation. Admission to both galleries is free of charge, allowing community members and art enthusiasts to appreciate and engage with the exhibited artworks.

Caitlin Wakefield, the Gallery Manager at St. Mary’s County Arts Council, welcomes inquiries about the current shows and future exhibition opportunities. She can be reached via email at gallery@smcart.org. Artists interested in showcasing their work or individuals with questions about the exhibits are encouraged to reach out.

These exhibits provide a platform for local artists and foster a vibrant artistic community within St. Mary’s County. By supporting and showcasing the work of talented individuals, the libraries and the St. Mary’s County Arts Council contribute to the cultural enrichment of the community.

Various links of interest have been provided for additional information and to explore the artists’ work. Susan Carney can be followed on Facebook at Susan Liselle Carney Art and on her website, Susan Carney Artist. Sierra Ridley can be contacted via email at Sierra.Ridley03@gmail.com. Frank Roth, another featured artist, can also be found on Facebook at Brialmont Photography and on Instagram at @brialmont_photography.

Residents and visitors are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to support local artists and experience the diverse and inspiring artistic expressions showcased at the Leonardtown and Lexington Park Libraries. These exhibits provide a window into the creativity and talent flourishing within St. Mary’s County.

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