UPDATE July 8, 2023:  NOTICE: Project Start Delayed! The State Highway Administration (SHA) Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) has notified the Town of Chesapeake Beach that the detour in the area of RT 261 and Bayfront Park will not start on Monday July 10th. The work is being delayed due to the need to add additional detour signs before work can begin. 

The Town will update the public when a new start is received from the State Highway Administration (SHA) Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT). 

Chesapeake Beach, MD – The State Highway Administration (SHA), part of the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), has informed the residents and businesses of Chesapeake Beach that a two-week detour will be implemented on Route 261 near Bayfront Park. The detour, set to begin on Monday, July 10th, will allow crews to carry out essential repairs in the area. All northbound and southbound traffic on RT 261 will be redirected through Summer City and Old Bayside Rd.

The SHA MDOT will collaborate closely with the Town of Chesapeake Beach to ensure residents and local establishments are well-informed about the detour and any updates throughout the repair process.

The decision to enforce the detour addresses a damaged section of the northbound lane on RT 261. To rectify the situation, the damaged area must be removed entirely. The repair involves several crucial steps, including excavating the roadway down to suitable soil, installing a geotextile material to provide support and the backfilling process. Additionally, the repair crew will remove the existing guardrail and replace it after the completion of the repairs. Finally, hot mix asphalt will be applied to finalize the roadway restoration.

The SHA MDOT has outlined a comprehensive plan for motorists to facilitate the detour smoothly. If traveling south on Route 261, drivers must turn westward onto Old Bayside Road. They should continue on this route until they reach the three-way stop at Summer City Boulevard, where they must turn left. This will lead them back onto Route 261. Red X markings indicate the road closure areas, while the detour route is marked in green on the provided map.

The implementation of this detour is expected to last approximately two weeks. During this time, commuters and residents are advised to plan their travel accordingly and allow for extra time to reach their destinations. Drivers must adhere to the detour signs and exercise caution while navigating the alternative route.

In collaboration with the SHA MDOT, the Town of Chesapeake Beach will continue to provide regular updates to keep the community informed of any changes or developments regarding the repair work and the detour. Residents and local businesses must stay updated on the latest information to minimize any inconvenience caused by the detour.

For further information and updates on the detour and repair progress, residents and businesses are encouraged to refer to the official announcements from the State Highway Administration (SHA) Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT). The SHA MDOT remains committed to completing the necessary repairs efficiently and effectively, ensuring the safety and convenience of all motorists traveling through the area.

The temporary detour on RT 261 represents a proactive approach to maintaining and enhancing the infrastructure in Chesapeake Beach. By swiftly addressing the damaged section of the roadway, the SHA MDOT aims to ensure the long-term safety and smooth traffic flow for all road users in the community.

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